Composition of education

It would seem that you can write about education? Learn well, this is important. Who is good at learning and knows a lot, everything will turn out well.

But when I began to seriously reflect on the topic of the essay, I came to the conclusion that modern education has a problem. And not even one, to be honest.

First, there is the problem of getting a good education. Even at school children are divided into pupils of ordinary schools, and also gymnasiums and lyceums. With lyceum students are more engaged in foreign languages, mathematics and other subjects. Then the graduates of schools are faced with the fact that they have to pay for higher education. The state teaches free of charge only the smartest graduates, disabled and orphans.

The more prestigious the institution, the more difficult it is to enter the “budget”. And the more expensive is the cost of training. If the graduate has also come from another city or village, he will have to solve problems

with housing. I know the case when a very gifted girl entered the “budget” in the capital’s university. But she was not given a hostel. And she returned home, since renting an apartment in Moscow her parents can not afford.

Secondly, education is not enough to receive. There is a problem then to apply it. You get a diploma, but there is no work. Or you come to work, and they say to you: “This is how you know how to do it? Do you understand this? No? What did they teach you only?”

Previously, if a person was educated, he was confident of his future, but now this is not. Success in life has become more dependent on money and connections than on education. Honestly, it scares me.

But after school I definitely want to study further, because education still helps a person in life. They say, they say, such a millionaire did not even finish school, but achieved everything. But he alone, and how many people without education disappeared in poverty and ignorance!

Education makes a person smarter and gives a profession, although it does not guarantee a “bright future.” It’s just that in today’s world it’s not enough to just learn from textbooks, you have to take the initiative in life, learn new things and overcome obstacles.

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Composition of education