Composition “Alone with the crowd”

Before me on the table lies Paperny’s text “Alone with the crowd.” He touches on a topic that is very topical for modern people: a person in conditions of crowdedness, a man not with a neighbor, but with a group, mass, darkness of “neighbors.” Alone with the crowd. Man is a social being, he lives in society and inevitably enters into contacts with acquaintances and strangers. The author delicately and accurately observes features of behavior of some people in places of mass gathering, for example in the underground. The guy cleverly slips through the door, but does not hold it with him, and she manages to “knock the sluggish old woman well.” The woman tries to jump into the car salute first: to get ahead of all – that’s the goal.

Not only carelessness and negligence towards others, but also a particularly ostentatious focus on your precious person: to pass first, to have time, to squeeze, sit down, get comfortable with maximum

comfort. We all are a little selfish. “Nurturance in our days is first and foremost not the perfection of manners, but attention to others,” says Paperny. A person should be careful and cautious, patient and discreet. In some ways this view is certainly correct. But my position, albeit in many respects similar, but still different.

Maybe the difference in views is due to the difference in generations. Maybe it just affects the character. Undoubtedly, young people, teenagers, in accordance with existing moral and ethical standards should stand in the car or salon, giving the opportunity to sit down elderly people and women. But I always believed that there are no rules without exceptions. Yes, I can stand also when there are vacant places, simply because I do not want to sit down; but if I had a difficult day and I was very tired, I would sit down without hesitation. In the end, who said that “man is a man’s brother”?

In addition, there are people who, in their philosophical understanding of life, adhere to a staunch position: “Every man for himself.” This, of course,

is not bad, but nevertheless, it seems to me that elementary politeness and attentiveness always and in any situations should be present at least in the minimum volume: people can not without society, and it is not necessary to be fenced off from it by their detachment. People in society must coexist together and do not forget the golden rule that has been repeated for many years: “Do unto others as you want others to do with you.” Even if it concerns only those who sit on the vacant seat or who first enter the car.

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Composition “Alone with the crowd”