Composition “Education of children”

How to properly raise a baby? To be a strict or affectionate Mom? These questions do not give rest to young parents. How would I do? Actually, this is my essay on the education of children.

Often there are situations where a mother can punish a baby by slapping him on the pope. However, if you constantly use force to your child, nothing good can come of it. The only thing that can be taught to a child in this way is to be aggressive, not only with one-year-olds, but also with parents.

Therefore, if you come from work not in the mood or just tired, keep yourself in hand with the children. Distract, try not to pay attention to small oversights of the crumbs. I remember as a child, I was friends with one girl, we went to visit each other. One day her mother came upset and quitted on the baby because she had not put the toys in their place. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to accustom a child to discipline, he must know his duties and perform them correctly. It is

necessary to teach the crumb from childhood to ensure that every night he put all the toys in their places. To begin with, the kid must do this with his parents, and then he will get used to it and will do it himself. Praise him, and never scold for slowness.
Try to bring up the baby in accuracy. Show on the example, here the daddy has come from work and has changed clothes, having combined all things accurately. Let him, too, change clothes after kindergarten, because he is already an adult as a dad. Children like to copy the elders in everything, so let the kid dress and undress, do not be angry with him, that he does it slowly.

Accustom crumbs to good manners, and do not scold the child, if he does not say “thank you” and does not say hello, he just shy of unfamiliar adults.
From early childhood my mother taught me to work. And she did it very simply, I always tried to help her, and she did not give up power. And I gladly swept, although the mud did not disappear, my mother praised me with pleasure.

I wanted to wash the dishes, but I broke it, I decided to water the pots, and I did not calculate the strength, but my parents never scolded me, they praised for help. Indeed, why blame the kid when he tried, but he could not cope with the hard work for his age yet.
As a child, they did not always behave, as you would like, but we were small, and wanted to be like their parents.

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Composition “Education of children”