My favorite subject is physical education

Physical education is my favorite subject in school. This does not mean that I do not like to study – in mathematics, history and other subjects I do well. But I really like to move: run, jump, climb the rope and the Swedish wall.

Physical culture is a physical culture. It is aimed at strengthening human health, developing its physical abilities, which is very important. The lack of movement can badly affect the health of schoolchildren: their posture deteriorates, eyesight deteriorates, they become physically weak. In physical education, we get the opportunity to improve: we run, play ball, jump in length. If the outdoors is warm, physical education lessons are held in the courtyard, in the fresh air.

At home, I do exercises every morning. My dad is fond of yoga, but says that many exercises of those that he does, I can not perform because of age. In addition, my skeleton is not yet fully formed. But my dad picks me up a set of exercises to develop the flexibility and muscle strength that I do every day.

I want to grow strong, beautiful and healthy and I know that physical education will help me in this.

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My favorite subject is physical education