Painting Nesterov “Dmitry Tsarevich killed”

Dmitry Ivanovich, direct name (on the birthday) Ouar (October 19, 1582, Moscow – May 15, 1591, Uglich) – prince, prince of the coal, the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible from Maria Feodorovna Naga, his sixth or seventh wife (unmarried). He lived only eight years, but the political crisis, largely associated with his mysterious death (Troubled Time) lasted at least twenty-two years after his death.

Dmitry after the death of his father remained the only representative of the Moscow line of the house of the Rurikovich, except for his elder brother, Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich. However, he was born of no less than the sixth marriage of his father, while the Orthodox Church considers only three consecutive marriages legal, and, therefore, could be considered illegitimate and be excluded from among the aspirants to the throne.

Sent by the regency council together with his mother to Uglich, where he was considered the ruling prince and had his own yard (the last Russian

appanage prince), officially – having received it as an inheritance, but apparently the real reason was the fear of the authorities that Dmitriy could, voluntarily or involuntarily, become center, around which all those dissatisfied with the reign of Tsar Feodor will unite.

On May 15, 1591, the Tsarevich played “in the butt”, in the company of Petrusha Kolobov and Vazhen Tuchkov – the sons of the bed-linen and wet nurse, who were with the tsarina’s person, and also Ivan Krasensky and Grisha Kozlovsky. The prince was guarded by Vassilis Volokhov’s mother, Arina Tuchkova’s nurse and Marya Kolobova’s little girl.

The rules of the game, which have not changed until now, are that on the ground a feature is drawn through which a knife or pointed nail is thrown, trying to stick it into the ground as far as possible. The winner is the one who made the furthest shot. If you believe the testimony of eyewitnesses of the events given during the investigation, the Tsarevich had in his hands a “pile”-a pointed tetrahedral nail or penknife. The same was confirmed

by the brother of Tsarina Andrey Nagoy, who, incidentally, transmitted events from other people’s words. There is a slightly different version, written from the words of a certain Romka Ivanov “with comrades” (who also spoke, in all probability, from other people’s words): the tsarevich ‘teshilsya pileyu in the ring’.

Concerning the further eyewitnesses are basically unanimous – Dmitry began an attack of epilepsy – speaking the language of that time – “blackness”, and during convulsions he accidentally hit himself “pile” in the throat.

However, the queen and her other brother, Michael, stubbornly maintained the version that Dmitry was stabbed by Osip Volokhov (the son of the prince’s mother), Nikita Kachalov and Danila Bityagovsky (the son of the deacon Michael, sent to oversee the disgraced royal family) – that is, on the direct order of Moscow.

An excited crowd, rising on the alarm, tore the alleged killers. Subsequently, the bell, which served as an alarm, was cut off by the order of Vasily Shuisky (as a person), and together with the Uglichan rebels he became the first exile to Siberia, which had just been annexed to the Russian state. Only at the end of the XIX century the disgraced bell was returned to Uglich. Currently, he hangs in the church of Prince Dimitri “On Blood.”

It is believed that the Tsarevich was unprofitable to the ruler of the state Boris Godunov, who took over absolute power in 1587, as a pretender to the throne.

With the death of Dmitry, the Moscow line of the Rurik dynasty was doomed to extinction. January 7, 1598 with the death of Fedor dynasty stopped, and his successor was Boris. From this date, the Time of Troubles is usually counted, in which the name of Tsarevich Dmitry became the slogan of various parties, the symbol of the “right”, “legitimate” king; this name was taken by several impostors, one of whom reigned in Moscow.

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Painting Nesterov “Dmitry Tsarevich killed”