Summary of “The Tales of Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf”

Summary of “The Tales of Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf”

King Demyan lived in a certain kingdom. He had three sons: Clim, Peter and Ivan. In the beautiful garden of the king grew an apple tree with golden apples. And suddenly there was a defect in apples. The king called his sons to him and ordered him to catch the thief, and as a reward he promised half his kingdoms during his lifetime and all after his death.

First went to watch the apple tree, Clim, and fell asleep. Peter went the second and also fell asleep. On the third night Ivan went. He saw the Firebird fly and pick up apples. The prince grabbed the thief by the tail, but she escaped and flew away, and Ivan had a pen in his hand.

The king wanted to get a wonderful Firebird. He sent his eldest sons to get it. Who will get it – will receive half a kingdom in life and

all after death. Ivan was going to go with his brothers. His father did not want to let him go, but Ivan persuaded his father.

Ivan came to the fork in which there was a pillar with an inscription. Whoever is going directly will be cold and hungry all the way. Whoever goes left will die, but his horse will live. And whoever goes to the right will live, but the horse will die. Ivan went to the right. A Gray Wolf ran out of the woods, ate a horse, and then began to serve Ivan faithfully, and took him to the Firebird.

Gray Wolf brought the prince to the stone wall, beyond the fence of which hung a cage with the Firebird. The wolf warned that you can not touch the cage. Clambering into the garden, Ivan forgot the advice of the Wolf and took the cage. Around rattled and rang, the watchman woke up and brought Ivan to his king Dalmat. Dalmat was indignant that the prince did not come to him for the Firebird, but climbed into the garden like a thief. He agreed to yield to the Firebird if the Tsarevich brought him the Golden-Roof Horse of King Afron, or else he would seduce him to the whole world.

The Gray Wolf of Ivan brought him to King Afron and warned him that the horse should be taken out of the stall and that the bridle should not be touched. Ivan forgot about the order and took the bridle. The strings tied to it rang

and the grooms woke up. They brought Ivan to the king, and he demanded to bring him Elena the Beautiful, the daughter of Tsar Kasym, otherwise he would seduce the Tsarevich to the whole world, like a thief.

Now the Gray Wolf has come to work. Having seized the moment when Elena was left alone, put her on his back and took him away. On the way to King Afron Ivan and Elena fell in love with each other. The Gray Wolf turned into Elena. Having exchanged it for a horse, Ivan continued his journey on Zolotogrive, and the Wolf caught up with them.

When they arrived in the realm of Dolmat, the Wolf turned into the Golden-Horse horse and Ivan exchanged it for the Firebird. Only Dalmat sat on the horse, and the horse turned around Gray Wolf and fled. The wolf of Ivan overtook Ivan, they reached the place where they met, and they had to part here. Saying good-bye, the wolf warned Ivan not to trust his brothers.

Ivan met with his brothers. They saw Firebird, horse Zolotogriva, Elena the Beautiful, envied and killed Ivan – they pierced his sharp sword in his chest. The brothers took the Firebird, the horse and Helen and went to his father. Gray Wolf returned to Ivan, caught a raven and ordered the living and dead water to be brought. Gray Wolves blew at Ivan dead water, and Ivan’s wounds dragged along, splashed alive water, and Ivan came to life.

Gray Wolf warned that this service is the last. The Wolf told me that Ivan Koschey’s brothers were killed and took Elena with a horse and a Firebird. Elena has a talisman, and Koschey does not do anything to her. How to destroy Koshchei, knows Baba-Yaga, who lives in a dense forest. The wolf pointed Ivan to the road to three oaks, between which was buried in the ground fighting horse. The horse must also tell Ivan the way to Baba Yaga.

He drove the prince’s horse to Baba Yaga. On the way, Ivan saw two fighting Leshy who could not share a tablecloth-self-armor, an invisibility cap and a fist-club. Ivan suggested setting up a competition: whoever first reaches the arrow, which he will let, he will get magic things. Leshie escaped, and Ivan took everything himself. Ivan got to Baba Yaga. From it, the prince learned that in the middle of the Ocean stands the island of Buyan. An old oak grows on the island, a chest is buried under an oak, a hare sits in the trunk, a duck is in the hare, an egg is in the hare, and Koscheev’s death in the egg. The egg needs to be crushed under Koshego and picked up gusli-samogudy to awaken their father and the whole kingdom.

Ivan got to Ociana and saw that there was a net in it, and there was a pike in the seine. I asked the pike to throw it into the sea and promised help. Ivan swam across the ocean and reached the island of Buyan. Dug from under the oak trunk and took out a rabbit from there, and from a hare duck. A duck flew out, Ivan shot her, and an egg fell out of her into the sea. Then a pike with an egg in his mouth appeared, thanked for the help.

Ivan got to the castle Koshcheeva. The gate was guarded in the castle by snakes of twelve heads. Ivan pulled out a club and killed a snake. The tsarevich disintegrated the tablecloth-samorubanka, they ate enough with the horse in plenty. I found Ivan Kashchei, killed him, took Firebird, horse, Elena, did not forget to take gusli-samogudy and came to his kingdom. Everything was asleep there. Ivan played on the gulls-samogudah, everything came to life, revived. Ivan played a wedding with Elena, and the Gray Wolf was the most expensive guest.

After the wedding, Gray Wolf remained in the palace. When King Demian died, Ivan ascended to the throne. Gray Wolf nursed with his children, taught them to read and write. And when Ivan Demjanovich died, Gray Wolf followed him to the grave. In the papers of Gray Wolf found detailed notes about everything and compiled this story.

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Summary of “The Tales of Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf”