Biography of Dmitry Mendeleyev

Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev is a Russian scientist, a chemist.

He was born near Tobolsk in the village of Verkhnie Aremzyan.

Training in his biography Dmitry Mendeleev was held first in the Tobolsk gymnasium. Then in the life of Mendeleyev with success, the pedagogical institute of Petersburg was completed with a gold medal.

From 1855 to 1890 he taught. Since 1892, Mendeleev’s activities are connected with metrology, under his initiative, the Chamber of Weights and Measures was formed.

Throughout his life interest in the chemical elements of Mendeleyev did not fade. In 1893, he worked on the creation of smokeless gunpowder at a chemical plant. During his biography Mendeleev Dmitry Ivanovich was a member of many scientific societies.

In his biography, Mendeleev did not only study chemistry, but also physics, metrology, economics, and pedagogical activity. In life, Mendeleyev’s activities were written several works. But undoubtedly, his main achievement is the creation of the Periodic Table of Mendeleyev.

Mendeleyev’s discoveries are connected with the study of the relationship between the atomic volume and the properties of elements, an isomorphism. He predicted, described the elements not yet discovered, compiled equations of state for an ideal gas. Mendeleyev’s table is formed on the basis of the properties of elements, their comparison with the properties of neighboring elements.

Element Mendeleyev – named in honor of the scientist, is located at number 101 in the periodic system of Mendeleyev.

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Biography of Dmitry Mendeleyev