Summary “Killed near Moscow” Vorobyeva

The story “Killed under Moscow” was written by Konstantin Vorobyov in 1961. Writer epigraph to the work took Tvardovsky’s verses.

Cadets go to the front

The events described in the story take place in November 1941. The front line is very close to Moscow. A training company consisting of Kremlin cadets was sent to the front. The riot was commanded by Captain Ryumin. The soldiers go with a strong desire to repel the enemy.

German “Junkers” are circling in the sky. By the order of Captain Ryumin, the company quickly falls face down on the frozen ground. Only the captain never lies down. He is closely watching the situation. On the road company is two days. Very soon the cadets should approach the front line.

Ahead are visible small buildings. Coming closer, the soldiers realized that these were clovers of clover. It turned out that there was a special squad of NKVD troops here. After verifying the documents and specifying the

route, the major allowed the captain to move with the company to the west.

The company is subordinate to the infantry regiment

The company was subordinated to the infantry regiment. The regiment was formed from the Moscow militia. The lieutenant-colonel admires the cadets. All 240 soldiers were stately, one height – 183 cm. Soon it turned out that the regiment was not provided with weapons at all.

The cadets have only rifles, bottles with gasoline, grenades. Captain Ryumin understands that this is not enough to fight. The lieutenant-colonel tells Ryumin that they can not give them anything else-only the kitchen and cartridges remain in the regiment.

One of the platoons is commanded by Alexei Yastrebov. It took only two weeks, as he received the rank of lieutenant, appointed platoon commander. Alexei is still not quite used to his position. By order of the captain, the fourth platoon quickly digs trenches, preparing for battle.

They can not get close to the entrance to the church, since the foundation is two meters wide. Pomkvzvoda suggests breaking through the foundation with a

grenade. Lieutenant Yastrebov does not agree. This requires permission from Captain Ryumin.

The company is surrounded by Germans

In the sky periodically appear German aircraft flying to the east. Unidentified fighters approach the platoon. They are tired, exhausted, hungry. It turns out that the soldiers came out of the encirclement. Among them – the division commander, Major-General Pereverzev. The lieutenant learns that the front is broken, the neighboring village is occupied by the enemy.

The number of Red Army soldiers is increasing. Captain Ryumin gives the order to nominate one branch for a ditch. All retreating soldiers should be sent around the company. You can not enter into conversations with them. The soldiers and soldiers are explained that the soldiers were sent to the hospital, the point of reformation.

At five o’clock in the morning Captain Ryumin orders the platoons to take full combat readiness. Soon the shelling began. Six cadets were killed, political instructor. The fighters are hard at the loss of their comrades.

Captain Ryumin asks for further company tasks and reinforcements at the headquarters. Communicated to the captain of the verbal order immediately to retreat. The company is surrounded by Germans.

Ryumin ponders the situation, decides to go on the offensive. Having surrounded the village occupied by the Germans, the company quickly enters it. In the village burning huts, can be heard an automatic queue. In the battle, Alexei Yastrebov kills a German. He had never killed people before. At the sight of the dead, Alexei feels weak, a sense of fear, disgust.

Captain Ryumin leads the company into the depths of the forest. He hopes that he will be able to save the fighters from death. He understands that they do not have enough supplies. Lieutenant Rozhkov and three cadets brought bread, a bucket of water. Rozhkov says that the village of Krasnye Dvoriki is nearby, the Germans are not there.

Combat with the enemy

Suddenly, German planes appear in the sky. There are more and more of them. The forest includes tanks, infantry of the enemy. The battle begins. Bombs are blown up, a whistle of bullets, a roar of aircraft are heard. The forest is shrouded in clouds of bluish smoke. Alexei sees the cadets running, fall by the trees and bushes.

Alexei gets into the funnel from the shell. Next to him is a cadet from the third platoon. Hawkeye understands that the fighter is very frightened by the fight. The cadet tells Alexei that without a weapon, they can not defeat the enemy. He asks the lieutenant to shoot him, because he is afraid of being taken prisoner to the Germans.

The fight ends. Alexei Yastrebov and the cadet come out of the forest. They approach the place where the detachment of the NKVD used to be. There is Captain Ryumin and three men. Everyone sleeps in the hay. In the morning in the sky the battle of “hawks” begins with the German “Messerschmitts”. To the great regret of all “hawks” perish.

Captain Ryumin from all experiences is shooting. Alexei Yastrebov feels the fear of his own death. He wants to take revenge on the enemy. Together with the cadets Alexei digs under the maple grave to the captain. Suddenly, two German tanks appear. Alexis throws a bottle of petrol in the tank, and he falls to the bottom of the grave.

He managed to hit a German tank. All the cadets who hid in the piles are dying. The lieutenant embraces a feeling of bitterness and hatred for the enemy. Alexei Yastrebov wipes his weapon with his skirt and hangs his rifles on his shoulders. It goes to the east.

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Summary “Killed near Moscow” Vorobyeva