Biography of Dmitry Donskoy

Dmitry I Ivanovich Donskoy – Grand Duke of Moscow and Vladimir. His nickname was after the victory in the Battle of Kulikovo.

Early years

Dmitry was born on October 12, 1350 in Moscow. In 1359, when his father died, in the biography of Dmitry Donskoy appeared guardian and mentor – Metropolitan Alexy. With him, Dmitry consulted in political affairs. In addition, a good relationship with Donskoy formed with Sergius of Radonezh – the abbot of the monastery. It was to him that the prince came to the battle of Kulikovo for blessing.

Struggle for reigning

From the age of 9 Prince Dimitri was forced to fight for his reign in Vladimir with other princes. After enmity with the Lithuanian prince Olgerd, peace was concluded with Lithuania. Gradually Donskoy established relations with Novgorod, Tver. The power of Prince Donskoy grew with time.

In 1363, Dmitry Donskoi began to reign in Vladimir. After a big fire in Moscow, the Prince built

a new white stone Kremlin in 1367.

As a man of faith, the prince supported Orthodox churches, made donations, and founded monasteries in the Moscow principality during his reign.

Great victories

The Horde began a conflict with Dmitry, defeating Nizhny Novgorod. But after the attack on Moscow in 1378, the army of Mamai was defeated. And on September 8, 1380, the famous Kulikovo battle took place, during which Mamai was defeated, and the Tatar-Mongolian troops were destroyed. After this, having collected the remainder of his troops in the Crimea, Mamai again lost in battle with his opponent, the Khan of the Golden Horde – Tokhtamysh.

The payment of tribute to the Golden Horde has temporarily ceased. There was a merger of the Vladimir and Moscow principalities, and Moscow became the center of the unification of the Russian lands.

If we consider the brief biography of Donskoy, it should be noted that throughout his reign, Moscow was drowning in internecine wars.

When, after the invasion of Tokhtamysh in 1382, the capital again weakened, the internecine strife broke out with

renewed vigor. After that, Donskoy promised to pay tribute to the Horde, though to a lesser extent than before.

Death and heritage

Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy died on May 19, 1389 at the age of 39 years. He was buried in Moscow in the Archangel Cathedral. After the death of Donskoi, the administration of the principalities passed on to his son Vasily I.

Dmitry Donskoy was ranked Russian Orthodox Church to the saints. Memorial Day is celebrated on the day of his death – May 19

The name of the Grand Duke named streets and squares in the cities of Russia and Ukraine, in his honor monuments in Moscow and Kolomna.

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Biography of Dmitry Donskoy