Summary of “Boris Godunov” by Pushkin

Summary of “Boris Godunov” by Pushkin

A month has passed since Boris and his sister closed in a monastery and refused to take a throne in the city of Moscow. Residents can explain Godunov’s refusal only by the fact that he was afraid of the authorities. But Shuisky was not so simple and understood that this is all a game. Since there is no point in the fact that the tsarevich was killed in infancy.

Events occur, as they predicted. The people prayed and begged Boris Godunov to assume the reign of Moscow. He later agrees and leaves the monastery. It takes 4 years.

Meanwhile, at the Chudov Monastery priest Pimen wants to finish the chronicle. Grigory wakes up, who was sleeping near Pimen. Grigory complains of life at the monastery, which he lives since childhood and runs away from such a life. Before that, he

asked Pimen about the dead tsarevich, since the heir was his age, and at the time of his death Pimen was in Uglich.

Gregory wants to get on the throne. On this incident, the patriarch is reported. He orders to overtake Gregory and send him into exile to the Solovetsky Monastery. After the conversation with the sorcerer comes the king. Six years he already ruled, but this fact does not satisfy him. He realizes the futility of his actions, and his conscience has long overcome him.

The bailiffs entered. They have a decree with the signs of Gregory, but he, proposing his candidacy for reading the decree, changes external signs. His lies are revealed, but he manages to escape. In the estate of Shuisky Afanasy Pushkin is visiting. He has interesting news from the estate of Krakow and shares it with the head of the house. Shuisky understands that if everyone learns about this news, it will cause great trouble. In the royal chambers Shuisky tells Boris Godunov about Krakow. Having learned about everything, Grigory pretends to be a prince. Boris Godunov asks Shuisky about the death of the present prince, and how he visited him for three days in a row, but says that he was so handsome as if he were asleep.

Grigory, seducing all the outgoing supporters in the estate Vishnevsky, promises to annex Russia to the Vatican. It also

promises to give the Cossacks liberty, and punish all the servants of Godunov. He calls on Mnishka, where he decides to stop, for three days he falls in love with Marina and tells that he is an impostor. Marina does not want to love a monk, especially a fugitive, since she wants to take the throne of Moscow.

After all sorts of insults on his part, he wakes up dignity, and he again insists that he is a prince. Gregory is already near the border with Lithuania, he endlessly tormented himself with the thought that the most sworn enemies were called to them to Russia. But quickly justifies himself in his eyes, referring to Boris. The Tsar’s Duma at the meeting discussed that the fugitive had already gone through Chernigov. The king issues a decree on conscription. Shuisky tries to calm the citizens. The prince-pretender wins the battle.

On the square next to the cathedral, after the meeting ended, and where a decision was made about anathema, they sing a song in memory of the prince. Nicolas is sitting next to the cathedral, the boys playing next to him start teasing him, because he stabbed the heir. But on the offer of prayer to the king, Nikola refused, and said that the Mother of God did not order him to pray for him. Boris Godunov strongly dissatisfied with the boyars, he wants the old man to be a voivode without a family, despite the fact that Basmanov is smart and talented.

Some time after the conversation with Basmanov, the Emperor felt ill, falling sharply from the throne, and blood flowed from his mouth and ears. Realizing that he was dying, Boris Godunov asked for seclusion from the Tsarevich. He loved his son very much and blessed him for reign. After this conversation, the Patriarch entered the hall, the queen with his daughter and boyars. All promise to the king that they will serve as a truth to his heir, after what he said he began to pass the ceremony of tonsure.

Mr. Basmanov, whom Theodore highly exalted, is talking with Pushkin, who wants to become friends, under the cover of Dimitri, he also offers the main order if he offers him to the throne. Such a thought is perceived by Basmanov as a betrayal, but he nevertheless begins to consider it. Pushkin convokes citizens, on behalf of Demetrius, at the “Frontal” place and begins to encourage residents to kiss the cross, accepting the new head of state.

From nowhere, there is a man who expresses to everyone that Dimitry, Borisova puppy, must be knit, and everyone runs into the ward. The entire mansion of Boris and his children was in custody. But many are filled with pity for children, explaining this by saying that children are innocent in their father’s evil deeds. On the threshold, after everyone has calmed down a little, it turns out Mosalsky and tells citizens that Godunov’s wife and her son have laid their hands on them, poisoned with poison. And the fact that they saw their corpses with their own eyes. And Demetrius, silently, yet proclaimed a new ruler.

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Summary of “Boris Godunov” by Pushkin