Biography of Dmitry Shumkov

Biography of Dmitry Shumkov

Dmitry Vladimirovich Shumkov is a lawyer, investor, public figure, philanthropist. He graduated from the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation. Doctor of Law. He is a TOP-10 lawyer in Russia. Laureate of the highest legal award of the Russian Federation “Lawyer of the Year” 2012.

Dmitry Shumkov was born in 1972 in Sarapul.

He began his legal career in the 90s in the bodies of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office. After leaving the civil service in 1999, he founded the law firm Pravocom. Then, by merging with the company “Yurakademia: Kutafin and Partners”, it was transformed into a “Legal Group”, where Dmitry Shumkov took up the post of the committee of partners. It was the

first legal company that received the rights to support international transactions of the Government of Russia.

In 2006, together with the Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Kutafin initiated the creation of the Centers for the provision of free legal assistance for low-income citizens. Also within the framework of this project, Dmitry Shumkov, through his charitable foundation, financed the construction and equipping of two interuniversity Situation Centers for Legal Initiatives at Moscow State University. VM Lomonosov and MSUA them. O. E. Kutafina.

In 2012, Dmitry Shumkov headed the “Center for Legal Initiatives.” This organization was formed in accordance with the instruction of the Russian president on the basis of the country’s leading law schools. The main objective of the CPI is to select and summarize proposals to improve the Civil Code of the Russian Federation with a monthly report to the president on the possibility of their implementation. Dmitry Shumkov holds the post of chairman of the CPI Council.

On December 3, 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Dmitry Shumkov and members of the Council of the Center. Shumkov presented the results of the work of the TsPI and told the head of state about plans to create educational centers for Russian law abroad. The President

gave a high appraisal of the work done and discussed with the members of the council the prospects for the work of the CPI.
In 2012, during the presidential election campaign, Dmitry Shumkov took the post of chairman of the council of the Situation Center “Elections 2012”, where young lawyers from all 83 regions made observers at 86,000 polling stations. Over 500 best of them worked directly in the Situation Center, processing the incoming information around the clock and ensuring the functioning of the hotline.

Dmitry Shumkov’s investment interests are very diverse. Through the company Center for Network Interconnection Technologies, he owns a blocking package in the Moscow Internet eXchange hub. The MSC-IX hub is one of the five largest Internet traffic exchanges in the world, 60% of Russian traffic passes through it. Shumkov also owns a blocking stake in the Russian market leader CDN NGENIX. Among 500 clients of the company such, as VGTRK, Life News, Rutube, Ozon. ru, Stream, Sportbox. ru, Championship. com, Lenta. ru, Gazeta. Ru, SUP Media and others.

Since 2000, Dmitry Shumkov actively invests in development projects. In particular, he is a co-owner of SC Olympic. It is the largest indoor stadium in Europe, with a maximum capacity of 35,000 spectators. Every year only the Olympic pool is visited by more than 1 million people. There are not only training and sports competitions, but also performances by world-famous artists and other shows.

As part of his development investment, Dmitry Shumkov purchased a number of buildings in Kitaygorodsky Proyezd, directly adjacent to the erected on the site of the demolished hotel “Russia” Zaryadye Park in Moscow. Then in 2014 he bought from the Moscow government a complex of buildings on Varvarka Street, also in the immediate vicinity of the future park. Dmitry Shumkov plans to reconstruct the objects belonging to him in accordance with the architectural concept of “Charge” and include them, thus, in the park complex. It is planned to open a number of museum projects – EMPI, the virtual museum of fortification “The Wall of Russia”, an exposition dedicated to the history of the oldest Moscow district “Zaryadie”, and others. Besides, the reconstruction of Shumkov’s buildings in Kitaygorodsky Proyezd and Varvarka envisages the construction of a five-star hotel under the management of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. The hotel complex will open a modern media center, a library of Jewish literature and an exhibition dedicated to the creation of the first feature film by Sergei Eisenstein “The Strike”, filmed in Kitaigorodsky travel. These objects will be inscribed in the park “Charge” and become its key functional points.

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Biography of Dmitry Shumkov