Painting by Nesterov “Portrait of Tolstoy”

Tolstoy’s portrait was written by Repin in Yasnaya Polyana in August 1887. While worshiping the genius of the great writer, Repin at the same time disagreed with him on many convictions.

Despite this, the writer and the artist linked a warm friendship over the years. The portrait, written in 1887, is one of a series of portraits of Leo Tolstoy made by Repin.

Unusually simple for the chosen position and colors, the portrait is characterized by a huge talent and truthfulness. This portrait can really tell more than long verbal descriptions. So Repin could only portray a man who was deeply understood, respected, valued. Repin fully managed to show the greatness of the writer. The writer is shown sitting in a somewhat unusual chair. In one of his hands – a small book, the other – conveniently lies on the arm of the chair. The dark blouse is strapped by a belt at the waist and resembles a cassock.

The writer is shown in a second of anxious thoughtfulness

– probably, tearing himself away from reading, he ponders some thought. Slanting his head slightly with his eyebrows and a magnificent gray beard, Tolstoy looks at the viewer. Like the question that torments him now, he also addresses him. In the deep-seated eyes of the writer – wisdom and insight, it seems that they are inquiring into the soul.

Repin painted a portrait of Tolstoy, somewhat “elevating” the figure of the person portrayed and informing her of monumental significance. Restrained, dark colors, color scale, “unhurried” manner of writing – everything in the portrait emphasizes the scale of the person portrayed. The person sitting in the armchair leaves the impression of an extraordinary, genuinely genius man – by the kindness of the heart, the power of the mind, talent and the unyielding will of him, few can compare.

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Painting by Nesterov “Portrait of Tolstoy”