“Killed under Moscow” Vorobyov in brief

The company of the Kremlin cadets goes to the front. The action takes place in November 1941; the front is approaching Moscow. On the way the cadets are met by a special detachment of NKVD troops; when the company comes under the control of an infantry regiment from Moscow militia, it turns out that there are no machine guns: the cadets have only self-loading rifles, grenades and bottles of gasoline. We need to dig trenches, and Lieutenant Alexei Yastrebov’s platoon quickly carried out the assignment. German planes appear, but not yet bombed. To the position of the platoon fit out of the encirclement fighters, among them – Major-General, division commander. It turns out that the front is broken and the neighboring village is occupied by the Germans.

The shelling begins, six cadets and political instructors are killed. Captain Ryumin, company commander, receives an order to retreat, but while he sent a liaison to the headquarters of the regiment, the company was surrounded

by the Germans. The captain decides to go on the offensive. The company surrounds the Germans occupied by the village and takes a sudden blow by it. Alexei in the first close battle is afraid and disgust – he has to kill the German.

Fighters approach the forest – but then begins the air raid, bombardment, and the planes into the forest include the tanks and infantry of the Germans. Falling to the ground, into the funnel, Alexei is next to the cadet from the third platoon, which, as the lieutenant understands, is a “coward and traitor” – after all, there is a battle and others are dying. But the cadet whispers to Alexei in a frantic whisper: “We can not do anything… We need to stay alive… We’ll have them all as last night…” He asks the lieutenant to shoot him, so as not to be captured by the Germans. After the battle, they walk together from the forest and go to the place where they were previously met by a detachment of the NKVD. There they meet Captain Ryumin and three other fighters, stay overnight in the haystacks. The next morning, Alexei and the captain saw in the sky a battle of Soviet fighters with German “Messerschmitts”; our “hawks” are dying. Captain Ryumin shoots, and Alexei and the cadets dig his grave. Then there are two German tanks – one of them goes to Alexei, he throws a bottle of gasoline into the tank, falls to the bottom of the grave – it turns out that he manages to hit the tank. The cadets who hid in the piles died; Alexei gets out and goes to the east.

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“Killed under Moscow” Vorobyov in brief