Painting by Kramskoy “Moonlight Night”

The painting “Moon Night” was written by I. Kramskoy in 1880. Night landscapes are not uncommon in the artist’s work (we recall his “May Night”, “Evening at the Dacha”, “Divine Divination”). And in “Moonlit Night” – one of his most famous paintings – Kramskoy again takes up the solution of a complex coloristic task. He seeks to convey the unusualness of night lighting – a mysterious, changing everything around beyond recognition.

The painting “Moonlight Night”, according to many, is one of the most dazzling and bright “nocturnes” of Kramskoy. In front of us on the canvas is a beautiful young woman in a white dress on a bench on the bank of a pond in an old park.

Moonlit summer night. All around is flooded with silvery moonlight. Nothing breaks the silence. The woman is immersed in memories, on her face – light sadness. The author gave the heroine of the painting

a resemblance to his wife S. Tretyakov – the buyer of the painting and his brother P. Tretyakov.

The composition of the picture is quite original. The female figure whitens against the background of large poplars – high, looking upwards. They seem to ask a different scale to all the reflections, they tell about the existence of another way beyond the usual and usual life.

The nature on the canvas is depicted in accordance with the traditions of the romantic school of the Russian landscape of the 19th century. In the Painting, in the expression of color, the influence of friends and associates of Kramskoy A. Kuindzhi and F. Vasiliev is very noticeable. Remarkably transmitted lighting – not only the female figure, but the entire landscape situation. The completeness of all picturesque lines is so flawless that it can seem even excessive.

Many critics considered the “Moonlit Night” of Kramskoy a work banal, indulging the tastes of the public. In fact, the idea of ​​the canvas is much deeper. It is connected with questions of being, earthly values, the illusory nature of earthly feelings and beauty.

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Painting by Kramskoy “Moonlight Night”