Painting Serov “Summer”

Among the most famous Russian artists is a talented man Serov Valentin Alexandrovich. He belonged to the artists of the Wanderers, who drew their inspiration in folk life and traditions. But many art connoisseurs know this artist precisely from his portraits. There is in his arsenal of the work “Portrait of A. V. Kasyanov.”

In 90 years, the skill of Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov in terms of portraits reached its heyday. He wrote one of his best works “Portrait of MK Olive.” Marie Konstantinovna Oliv is a well-known patron and cousin of SI Mamontov. It was this painting that compared Serov with other outstanding and famous masters of painting.

Serov Valentin Alexandrovich – a famous painter and son of the composer A. Serov. During his life he took painting lessons from Ilya Repin himself. One of the famous and very interesting paintings of the author is the reproduction of “Mika Morozov.”

One of the famous masters of the portrait

and painter is Serov Valentin Alexandrovich. His work “The Girl with Peaches” is one of the most famous. At the moment it is in the honorary place in the Tretyakov Gallery. The painting was written by a guest of the Mamontov family.

The nature of our native lands is amazing and beautiful. But when it is combined with the skill of a talented artist who portrays a beautiful girl against her background, then this is already a masterpiece. That’s how I can describe the picture “A Girl Illuminated by the Sun”. At this author I can still mention the work “Girl with Peaches”, as they remind me of something.

Many painters turned and addressed in their work to the theme of portraits. I think that this is quite difficult, because on the canvas with the help of a brush, paints and artistic means, it is necessary to maximally open the whole image, to bring it to the viewer with incredible accuracy. Valentin Serov, this task was a success.

Artist Serov liked to paint portraits of famous people. With the help of paints and a brush, he accurately depicted the mood and

character of a person. In his portraits one can accurately determine how the person depicted in the picture lived. The picture “Portrait of GL Hirschman” is represented by a woman, whose appearance can be concluded that she is most likely the wife of a rich and famous person.

VA Serov wrote many portraits of famous personalities of the time. For each, he chose the situation and a certain position. The artist does not have similar pictures, he treated his every posing person in his own way. He was able to convey the inner world and the mood of man with the help of canvas and paints.

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Painting Serov “Summer”