Composition based on Levitan’s painting “Evening: The Golden Reach”

This painting is one of those masterpieces written by Isaac Levitan in a quiet place on the bank of the Volga – Ples. A single glance at her is enough to love all that is imprinted on the canvas, and that the author himself loved so much.

However, when you peer into the image, the first thing you feel is the surprise: where.

Why such solemnity, beauty and light, if the picture does not have a single ray of sun.

We can say that the picture is divided into two parts. In the first, something very earthly predominates, and in the second, on the contrary, it is heavenly.

So, on the “earthly” part of the picture, that is, on its first plan – gray hemp, here and there appear copses. It is clear that the day is overcast, and therefore everything is dim. Appear and sharp colors.

The whole “heavenly” part of the picture, on the contrary, milky-purple, is covered with fog all over it. The opposite bank of the Volga is badly seen.

The mist-wrapped church transforms the landscape, without it it would not be so harmonious and expressive. The temple creates a sense of peace and tranquility. The first thing you pay attention to is the church bell tower. It seems that this is the center of the picture, all nature surrounds it.

The temple and nature seem to merge into one, become an integral part of each other. If you remove the church from the landscape, it will lose all its amazing atmosphere.

Some time ago I happened to visit the very place where Levitan spent a lot of time and where he did a lot. Probably, because of this, when I see this picture, I really really want to get into the same golden Ples and again feel everything that once made such a vivid impression on me.

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Composition based on Levitan’s painting “Evening: The Golden Reach”