Painting by Kramskoy “Polesovshchik”

Kramskoy, like many other artists, touches on the theme of the peasantry in his work. Creating portraits of peasants, he shows himself a good portraitist, who knows how to accurately convey the emotions and emotions of his characters.

In the picture “Polesovshchik” we see a man who comes out of the forest thicket, his clothes seem to me rude. The colors are somewhat dark, which creates a contrast with the background with the image of the protagonist of the portrait, and gives an opportunity to see the smallest details of the man himself.

In my opinion, the artist especially focuses our attention on the expression on the face of the man and on the position in which he is depicted. It seems that the man is moving and he is cramped in his clothes.

The man behind the club, his eyes are alert, as if he does not trust us. His eyes are light blue, giving out his tension. In this view there is no experience, or doubt. It seems to me that Kramskoy portrayed a man who is always unhappy with everyone, he does not like people and can not reconcile with some trends of circumstances. Constantly grumbling, thereby expressing his displeasure. It seems, here it is, he will open his mouth and start to resent and scold everyone in the circle, or complain about his life, blaming everyone around for the fact that his life is so bad, and how hard it is for him.

This picture struck me. I could never have imagined that looking at a portrait, you can understand what kind of person was being portrayed. It is in this, in my opinion, that the artist’s talent lies, using the drawing to reveal not only the outer shell of a person, but also to show it from within, with all its flaws and shortcomings, such as it really is. I fell in love with Kramskoy’s work, and I would like him to paint my portrait, so that I could look at myself from the side and analyze my character.

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Painting by Kramskoy “Polesovshchik”