Painting by Kramskoy “Nekrasov in the period of the Last Songs”

Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov really wanted to collect in his gallery as many portraits of outstanding people in Russia. He was very fond of and appreciated the work of Alexei Nikolaevich Nekrasov. Upon learning of his illness, he asked Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoy more than once to carry out similar orders to draw a portrait of the poet. The author was very pleased with this request, since he himself highly appreciated Nekrasov.

Work on the portrait was not easy, since the poet was almost no longer getting out of bed and could not pose for the artist. In the author’s letters to Tretyakov was told how difficult it is for him to work. He creates only a portrait. But after a while, at the request of Nekrasov himself, a second copy was created, where the poet is shown as a sick person.

The first thing that gets in the eyes is the contrast of red and white colors.

The walls of the room, which the author depicted, are covered in red wallpaper with some strange black ornament. They decorate two portraits in wooden frames. The center of the picture is a bed with a sick poet. All the bed and clothes of the author are white. It is shown in a semi-sitting form. Behind him are many pillows. His one leg is bent, and the second is straightened to the full length of the bed. In one hand he holds a piece of paper, and in another hand, which he put to his lips. His whole image shows how many more thoughts in his head and how he wants to create.

The poet’s face shows how much the disease is progressing. Skin pale, haggard. Fallen eyes, but still with a twinkle to creativity. Near the bed is a table with shelves. They have medicine on them, books and newspapers lie, and there is a bell. They use the patient when they need something, but he can not get up.

Many people stop before this portrait in the Tretyakov Gallery and are glad that the younger generation is able to see the last days of the creation of the great poet.

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Painting by Kramskoy “Nekrasov in the period of the Last Songs”