Painting by I. N. Kramskoy “Peasant with a Bridle”

I. N. Kramskoy – one of the outstanding painters, artists who turned to the theme of the people, the life of the peasants.

As if alive, faces of the peasants from the paintings of Kramskoy stand before us, each with his own individual character, each busy with the usual business.

Unforgettable image of a peasant with a bridle. He is an old man, but hard work, hard life, poverty and hunger did not break his spirit. Wisdom, nobility, calmness glow in the blue, childlike, pure eyes. Such an old-timer. It is evident that the peasant knows many fairy tales, parables, folk jokes, even in difficult moments of life he tries not to lose heart. He is a part of our history, a connoisseur of the traditions and customs of his people.

The good eyes of the peasant look at us from under the gray, shaggy eyebrows. His mouth is half open, it seems that the hilarious narrator froze in mid-sentence. On his high forehead and around his eyes – the rays of wrinkles, but the peasant’s hands are still strong, sinewy, do not fear any work. The old man is strong and ossified, he does not want to bend his back to anyone.

The peasant wears a wide homespun shirt and a dilapidated, sewn-up cloak – malachai. However, the poverty of clothes can not embarrass the peasant – he is used and not to this.

The picture of Kramsky is literally permeated with the light of love and tenderness towards the Russian people. He sympathizes and empathizes with people, to whom a lot of suffering fell, but they retained their strength and pride, having passed through many trials.

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Painting by I. N. Kramskoy “Peasant with a Bridle”