Painting by Aivazovsky “Moonlit Night: The Bathhouse in Feodosia”

Painting by IK Aivazovsky “Moonlit Night: Bathing in Feodosia” Under the name of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, one immediately recalls one of the artist’s most famous works – the painting “The Ninth Wave”. The master of battle scenes, the “painter of the Main Naval Staff”, Aivazovsky is considered the best in creating a stormy sea, played out the elements.

But he also has other canvases, from which he breathes peace and tranquility, where there is no violence of the elements, but there is the breadth and beauty of his native expanses, even if these are sea spaces. To such canvases can be attributed a painting by IK Aivazovsky “Moonlit Night: The Bathhouse in Feodosia,” written in 1883. The first thing that the viewer pays attention to is the moonlight, which spreads the darkness. The blackness of the night goes to the edges of the picture, making it look like something very bright, because in the sky a full moon shines.

It was she who flooded everything around with a yellowish light, and the water in places seems green.

The moon track divided the dark water in half. And the water sparkles and sparkles, shaded by the black abyss around. In the moonlight, the silhouettes of the ships standing at the pier are clearly visible. In the distance, a floating ship can be seen. It is more like a shadow, as if the ghostly Flying Dutchman suddenly appeared on the horizon. On the distant shore there are houses, railings on the fence of the embankment are clearly visible. No light shines in the windows of sleeping houses. The night covered everything with its mysterious veil. The clouds are moving smoothly in the sky. But they do not close the moon. And she reigns in heaven, on earth, and on water.

To the right of the moonlit walkway there are bridges with a swimming pool, which is brightly lit. But not the moonlight, but the lamp. This illumination seems to repeat the night light: in the center of the canopy the same yellow circle shines as in the sky. It floods with light a small space under the swimming pool. And there is a woman

floating. It seems that she floats in the moonlight itself is like the moon. And only in the house there is a reddish light. There sits a girl. She, apparently, is waiting for her mistress. Or is this the girlfriend of a bathing woman. She did not dare enter the water and stayed in the house while the second girl was bathing.

Surprising in beauty is Aivazovsky’s painting “Moonlit Night: The Bathhouse in Feodosia.” It is simply impossible to look away from it. In my opinion, no one has been able to transmit the moonlight so accurately, when the full moon is shining in the sky, and everything is lit up by some unusual light. A woman in the water resembles a mermaid from children’s fairy tales. If it were not for the light in the pool and not for the second woman, then the resemblance to the fairy-tale creature would be complete. A magnificent picture created by a great artist!

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Painting by Aivazovsky “Moonlit Night: The Bathhouse in Feodosia”