Biography of Nikolai Nosov

Nikolai Nikolayevich Nosov is a Russian writer, playwright, director and screenwriter, winner of the Stalin Prize of the third degree, author of well-known children’s works about Neznayka.

Childhood and school years

Nosov Nikolai Nikolaevich was born on November 10, 1908 in Kiev in the family of the entertainer. The childhood of the future writer passed near Kiev, in the small town of Irpen. Nikolai Nikolayevich received his primary education at a local gymnasium, which in 1917 was reorganized into a seven-year school. The Nosov family was in distress, so the future writer had to start working at the age of 14, he was a digger, a newspaper trader, a carter of logs, a mower.

Education. The beginning of creative activity

In 1924, Nikolai Nikolayevich graduated from school and went as a laborer to a concrete plant in Irpen, then settled on a brick factory in Bucha. In 1927, Nosov entered the Kiev Art Institute. However, fascinated by the cinematography

and photography, in 1929 he moved to the Moscow Institute of Cinematography. After graduating in 1923, the educational institution, Nikolai Nikolayevich began working as a director and director of educational, scientific and animated films for children in the studio “Soyuzkino.” In 1938, Nosov’s stories were first published in the magazine Murzilka, where well-known children’s writers such as S. Marshak, E. Blaginina, A. Barto, S. Mikhalkov, B. Zakhoder were also published.

Mature creativity

During the Great Patriotic War, Nosov directed educational military-technical films. In 1945, Nosov’s collection “Tuk-tuk-tuk”, which includes earlier published stories, is published. In 1946 the following collection of the writer “Steps” was published. In 1947, published a collection of “Funny stories,” soon saw the light to bring Nosov’s “Merry Family”, “Diary of Kolya Sinitsyn.”

In 1952, the writer was awarded the Stalin Prize of the third degree for the story “Vitya Maleev in school and at home.”

In 1954, the children’s film Two Friends was filmed. Soon there were published other collections of Nosov’s stories – “On the Hill”, “Hide and Seek,” “Funny stories and novels.”

Last years

A brief biography of Nosov would be incomplete without mentioning his late work. In 1969, a satirical collection of the writer “Ironic Humoresks” was published. In 1971 – 1972, Nosov creates an autobiographical work “A Tale of My Friend Igor”, in 1977 – an artistic-memoir novel “The Mystery at the bottom of a well.”

July 26, 1976 the children’s writer Nosov died. Nikolai Nikolayevich was buried at the Kuntsevo Cemetery in Moscow.

Works about Neznayka

The most famous were the works of Nikolai Nikolayevich about Neznayka. After the first fairy tale, Nosov published a trilogy about his little, restless, comic and inquisitive hero. Fairy tales “The Adventures of Neznaika and His Friends”, “Dunno in Sunny City”, “Dunno on the Moon” became very popular. For children’s trilogy in 1969, Nikolai Nikolayevich was awarded the State Prize Krupskaya.

Interesting Facts
    In the 1920s, Nosov was carried away by chemistry, organized a chemical laboratory in the attic of his house. Nikolai Nikolayevich even intended to enroll in the chemical faculty of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, but at the last moment changed his mind. The first tales Nosov composed for his son Peter and did not plan to print them. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Nikolai Nosov, whose biography embraced the hardest periods of Russian history, was a very reserved and silent person in his life. The trilogy about Neznaika was illustrated by famous artists A. Laptev, G. Valk, A. Kanevsky, D. Bisti, I. Semenov, V. Goryaev and others.

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Biography of Nikolai Nosov