“Five evenings” of Volodin in brief

“Five evenings” of Volodin in brief

The action takes place in Leningrad.

Evening the first. In the room sit Zoya and Ilyin. Zoya is a saleswoman in a deli. Ilyin in Leningrad on vacation, he lives somewhere in the North. The vacation ends – it’s time to leave. He tells Zoya that in the next house, above the pharmacy, his first love, the beauty, whose girlfriend was called the Star, lived. He corresponded with her throughout the war, and then stopped writing. Ilin wants to see what she is like now. He promises to soon return to Zoya, quickly assembles and goes to find out – maybe she still lives there.

Tamara’s room. She at first can not remember Ilyin, only the passport presented by him explains everything. Tamara tells him that she works as a master on the “Red Triangle”,

that her work is interesting, responsible, that she lives with her nephew Slava. And Lucy’s sister is not – she died in the blockade. Glory learns in technology, where before the war Ilyin studied.

Ilyin says that he works as a chief engineer at a chemical plant in Podgorsk. This is one of the largest factories in the Union. And here – on a business trip. For three or four days. Tamara suggests that he live with them on condition that he will not drive anyone here. Ilyin agrees and leaves for the small room. Tamara goes to bed. The apartment includes Katya and Glory. Tamara makes a remark to them that it’s already midnight, that it’s not good for young girls to behave like this, that Katya distracts Slava from classes. Katya in response says that Glory does not receive the deuce because of her, but because of Lidochka’s neighbor, with whom Slava quarreled and which therefore does not give him her notes. Katya leaves. Tamara tries to persuade Glory, but he says that he is full of theory by the throat. Il’in enters and listens. Glory is unpleasant, so he immediately agrees with Ilyin that it’s time to sleep, and goes into a small room with a cot. Ilin tells Slava them and Tamara a story and promises to release seven glitches from Glory, if he offends Tamara. He says that he intends to

provide this woman a happy life, even for those days that will live here.

The evening of the second. Ilyin, Slava and Katya clean festively the entire apartment for the arrival of Tamara. Tamara comes first does not like that someone disposes of her house without her, but then she gladly invites everyone to the table – to have supper. When Katya and Slava leave, Tamara sings a song with a guitar, which he and Ilyin sang many years ago: “My dearest…” Suddenly she says that it would be terrible if she married someone. Ilyin asks to repeat, but Tamara does not answer. The light goes out in the room.

The evening is the third. Katya, who works on the switch, hears how Ilyin tells Zoe that he can not come. The action is transferred to Tamara’s room. Ilyin is going to leave and calls Tamara to go with him, though not to Podgorsk, but to the North, where he thinks about getting a job as a chauffeur, leaving his engineering behind. Tamara does not understand why he should leave everything and go to the North, and refuses to be invited. Ilin sends her to the store on the pretext of buying him food for the road, and he leaves without saying goodbye. Glory forbids Tamara to catch up with the departed Ilyin. He does not want Tamara to be humiliated.

The evening is the fourth. The room of Timofeev, Ilyin’s friend. Tamara is looking for Ilyin here. Hearing her voice, he asks Timofeyev not to give it out and hides. Timofeev tells Tamara that he has not seen Ilyin for a long time. At this time, Timofeev is called from the chemical combine, from Podgorsk. Tamara learns that Ilyin told her a lie about his life, having appropriated the biography of Timofeev, that in fact he is a driver in the North. Timofeev considers Ilyin disorderly, but Tamara fervently defends him. She leaves her address for Ilyin and leaves. Timofeev advises Ilyin to catch up with Tamara and beg her for forgiveness. For Ilyin this is out of the question. He’s leaving.

The evening is the fifth. Katya tells the surviving Tamara about the existence of Zoe. Tamara decides to look for Ilyin there. However, Ilyin and Zoya parted ways. Tamara does not catch him. Zoya speaks insultingly to her, and Tamara leaves, having achieved nothing.

Katya is looking for Ilyin at the station. Ilin wants to get drunk before leaving. Katya tries to stop him, then starts drinking with him. Katya tells him about Slava, Ilyin to her – about Tamara, about how she saw him off to the front, finally tells the whole truth about herself.

At this time, Tamara tells Slava the same story about their farewell. Comes Katya. She’s drunk. He gives Slava a notebook of notes, which she copied for him overnight. Tamara puts her on the bed. Comes Timofeev. He is looking for Ilyin. Take a burnt out reflector. Then Ilyin returns. He says that he is not a loser, that he is useful to society, that he is a free and happy person. Tamara tells him that she knows everything and that she is proud of him. Reminds Ilyin that he called her with him to the North. Now she agrees to go. Ilyin kisses her hands and promises that she will never regret it. Tamara, whether rejoicing, or fearing for her own happiness, aloud wishes that there should be no war.

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“Five evenings” of Volodin in brief