Biography of Nikolai Baskov

Nikolai Baskov is a Russian pop singer who has a unique voice and unrivaled talent.

He was born on October 15, 1976 in the town of Balashikha outside Moscow. His father, Victor Baskov, is a military man, Elena’s mother is a teacher. Since his father was a military man, the family had to travel all over Russia and Germany.
At the age of five, little Kolya began to study music. At first he studied at home, and later entered music school. Several times I performed at the Children’s Musical Theater of a Young Actor.

Successfully engaged in scuba diving and surfing. At school, Nikolai studied diligently. His services were awarded a gold medal.

He performed a large number of parts from famous operatic works. Later he decided to become a popular singer and, in connection with this, specially retrained from the teachers. I recorded about eleven albums, some of them: “Best songs”, “I’m 25”, “One in a million.”

His main hits were such songs as “Sharmanka”, “Natural blonde”, “I know you’re far away.”


In 2000, Basque shoots a video dedicated to Caruso.

In 2001 he graduated from the Academy of Music in the vocal class, and later graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory. Nikolay constantly visits vocal classes, takes the best master classes and develops his voice.

In the period from 2001 to 2003 he was the leading opera singer of the Bolshoi Theater. He is a good friend of Montserrat Caballe.

In 2009, the Russian president awards the singer with the honorary title of People’s Artist of Russia. In the same year, Basque sang a duet with Taisia ​​Povaliy. Their songs “Snow White”, “Let Me Go” and “Are You Far?” were on the tops of the charts.

He constantly participates in various shows and TV programs. Basque was shot in musicals and was the host of concerts in the Kremlin. On the TV channel “Russia” is conducting a popular show, which was called “Evening Saturday”. Nicholas

has a large number of titles and awards.

Personal life

Since 2001, Basque was married to Svetlana Der Spiegel. Nicholas’s companion was the daughter of his producer. She gave him Bronislaw’s son.

In November 2007, the couple filed for divorce and since then lives separately. In 2008, the official divorce proceedings of Nikolay and Svetlana ended. Today Nikolai does not communicate with either his ex-wife or his son.

In 2009, Baskov began an affair with Oksana Fedorova, which lasted only 2 years.

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Biography of Nikolai Baskov