“Adventures of Neznaika and his friends” Nosov in brief

Shorty lived in one fantastic city. They were called short men because they were very small. Each short man was a small cucumber. “Babies and babies: Dunno, Znayka, Dr. Pilyulkin, mechanic Vintik and his assistant Shpuntyk, Sakharin Saharinich Syrupchik, hunter Pulka and dog Bulka, artist Tube, musician Guslya, Toropyzhka, Grumbler, Molchun, Donut, Rasteryayka, brothers Avoska and Neboska, astronomer Steklyashkin, a friend of Dunno Gunka.

HOW THE UNKNOWN WAS A MUSICIAN. Neznaika wanted to learn how to play, went to Goose, chose the loudest instrument – a copper pipe, blew and decided that he did not need to learn, he already knows how. But everywhere he was asked to leave and not make noise. Then Dunno decided that before his music “did not grow”, and stopped playing.

HOW THE UNKNOWN WAS AN ARTIST. Neznayka wanted to draw, Tube gave him paint and a brush, he first drew a friend Gunku with blue hair and purple mustache, and at night – everyone

else. “Donut drew so thick that he did not even fit in the portrait.” He drew a hood on thin legs, and for some reason he drew a dog’s tail for him. “Pulka hunted a hulk on the Bulka, and instead of a nose he drew a thermometer. ears. “By morning he hung these portraits on the walls and made inscriptions under them.” The first one was Dr. Pilyulkin. He saw portraits on the wall and began to laugh. He liked them, but when he saw himself, he asked Neznayka to take off the portrait, threatening with castor oil. Then Pulka, and also said to take off his portrait, promising otherwise not to take Dunno for a hunt. So it was with everyone. The last to awaken was Tube and, seeing himself, took away Dunno’s brush and paint. Only Gunki’s portrait remained, which Neznayka allowed him to break in exchange for peace.

HOW THE NEZNAAYKA COMPUTED VERSE, AS THE UNKNOWLEDGE HAS BEEN CASED ON THE GAZED CAR, etc. At the end, Neznayka became friends with Knopochka and began to learn how to read and write.

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“Adventures of Neznaika and his friends” Nosov in brief