Biography of Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky

Nikolai Georgievich Garin-Mikhailovsky is a Russian writer, essayist, engineer, traveler.

Nikolay was born on February 20, 1852 in a family with noble roots. Education in the biography of Garin-Mikhailovsky was received at the Rishelyevskaya Gymnasium in Odessa. Then he entered the St. Petersburg Institute of Railways. The next few years he spent in Bulgaria, then in the Samara province.

Later in the biography of N. G. Garin-Mikhailovsky it was decided to take part in the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The group, led by Garin-Mikhailovsky, chose the path for laying the highway. It was decided to build a nearby modern Novosibirsk, and the area around Tomsk was not approved.

The first works in the biography of Nikolai Georgievich Garin-Mikhailovsky were published in 1892. The work “Childhood Themes” was a great success, so the author later created a sequel – 3 more parts: “Gymnasium”, “Students”, “Engineers”. In addition, Garin-Mikhailovsky published his engineering reflections on the construction of railways in the newspapers. His impressions of the time spent in the village, the writer outlined in the works “Village panoramas”, “Several years in the village,” “Essays on provincial life.” Garin-Mikhailovsky’s books and novels are saturated with sincere optimism.

The writer traveled extensively in the Far East, after which his descriptions appeared “On Korea, Manchuria and the Liaotung Peninsula.” Garin-Mikhailovsky died on December 10, 1906.

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Biography of Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky