Biography of Shukshin

Shukshin Vasily Makarovich – Soviet writer, screenwriter, film director, actor, winner of the Lenin Prize, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Childhood and youth

Vasily Makarovich Shukshin was born July 25, 1929 in the village of Srostki Altai Territory in a peasant family. After graduating in 1943 year seven, the future director entered the Automobile Technical School in Biysk. After 2.5 years, Vasily Makarovich quits his studies and starts working for the collective farm. In 1946, he left his native village, worked as a mechanic at the Kaluga Turbine Plant, and then at the Vladimir Tractor Plant.

Since 1949, Shukshin has served in the navy in an appeal. At this time, the writer creates his first stories, shares them with colleagues. In 1953, because of a stomach ulcer, Shukshin was fired into the reserve. Vasily Makarovich returns to his native village of Srostki, surrenders an external certificate of maturity and is arranged by a Russian language teacher to

a local school.

Creative activity

In 1954, Shukshin entered the VGIK for the director’s department. His first small role, Vasily Makarovich played in 1956 in the film by S. Gerasimov “Quiet Flows the Don”. In 1958, Shukshin received the main role in the film “Two Fedor”. In the same year was first published the story of the writer “Two on the cart” in the magazine “Smena”.

Since 1963, Vasily Shukshin, whose biography has been a pest in various professions, works as a director in the TsKDYuF. Soon in the magazine “New World” came stories “Cool Driver”, “Grinka Malyugin” and the first book of the writer “Villagers.”

In 1964, the first full-length film Shukshin was completed – “There Is Such a Guy”, in which L. Kuravlev appeared.

Last works

In 1973 the collection of the writer “Characters” was published. In 1974, one of the most famous films of Shukshin – “Kalina Krasnaya” was released. At the All-Union Festival, the film received

the first prize.

Despite the fact that Vasily Makarovich suffered much from stomach ulcers, the actor accepts S. Bondarchuk’s invitation to appear in a new film. During the filming of the film “They fought for their homeland,” October 2, 1974, Vasily Shukshin died. The director was buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

Personal life

For his brief biography Shukshin was married three times. With the first wife, a fellow-villager Maria Shumskaya, they signed in 1955. In 1963, Shukshin married Victoria Sofronova, the daughter of the writer A. Sofronov. They had a daughter, Catherine.

In 1964, Vasily Makarovich married with Lydia Alexandrova. In the same year, the man met Lydia Fedoseyeva. Shukshin for a long time could not decide which of the women to stay, but in the end he chose Fedoseyev. They had two daughters – Maria and Olga.

Interesting Facts
    Shukshin’s father was shot at the time of collectivization, when the boy was only 5 years old. The first wife did not want to give Vasily Makarovich a divorce, so to marry a second time, he had to lose his passport. To Shukshin could enter the Moscow VGIK, his mother had to sell the biggest value of the family at the time – a cow. A characteristic feature of Shukshin’s creativity, according to critics, is the contrast between the color of rural and urban life.

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Biography of Shukshin