Biography of Innokentiy Annensky

Biography of Innokentiy Annensky

Innocent Fedorovich Annensky – poet of the Silver Age.

He was born on August 20, 1855 in Omsk, in the family of an official, at the age of five he moved to Petersburg. The first education in the biography of Innokentiy Annensky was received in a private school due to poor health. Then he studied in progymnasium from 1865 to 1868, after that – in the gymnasium of Behrens.

A great influence on the personality of Annensky was rendered by Brother Nikolai, with whom Innokenty began to live after the death of his parents. The first poems Annensky wrote back in his childhood..

Then, in the biography of Annensky, St. Petersburg University was finished, where he studied at the Faculty of History and Philology. In the early 1880s several of his reviews and articles were published. Having worked a little as a teacher, Innokenty became the director of a gymnasium in Kiev, and then Tsarskoe Selo.

In 1904 the first poems of Annensky were published. In the work of Annensky reflected his depressive feelings, longing, a person’s worldview. His style of writing is elegant, impressionistic.

In 1906 he became an inspector of the educational district. Having borrowed the translation of the theater Euripides, he wrote several tragedies on these subjects, besides he performed translations. November 30, 1909, he died.

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Biography of Innokentiy Annensky