Biography of Nikolai Lobachevsky

Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky is a mathematician, lecturer, rector of the Kazan Imperial University.

Nikolay Lobachevsky was born on November 20, 1792 in the Nizhny Novgorod province, and in 1800 moved to Kazan. Education in the biography of Lobachevsky was received in the Kazan Gymnasium, which he graduated in 1807. Then he entered the Imperial University of Kazan.

Nikolai studied well, specialized in mathematics and physics, so he eventually obtained a red diploma of a master’s degree in this specialty. In 1814, while staying at the university, he took up the post of adjunct, and later – a professor. As a teacher of mathematics, astronomy, physics, Lobachevsky was highly regarded at the university. And in 1819 he became dean of his physical and mathematical faculty.

In 1827, Lobachevsky’s biography became known as the rector of Kazan University. He held this position until 1846. So, in addition to lecturing, Nikolai Ivanovich decides the vital problems of the educational institution. Lobachevsky also deals with mathematical theories, develops non-Euclidean geometry – hyperbolic geometry. In algebra, Lobachevsky, a method for approximate solution of equations was developed. He also received several theorems in mathematical analysis.

In 1846, Rector of the University was dismissed by the Ministry. Soon in the biography of Lobachevsky came a difficult period – health worsened, and the whole state was sold because of debts. In 1856, the great mathematician died. In 1895, a prize was created, later called streets, libraries and even a crater on the moon.

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Biography of Nikolai Lobachevsky