Nikolai Mikhailovich Rubtsov. Biography

Life and work of N. M. Rubtsov in dates

1936, January 5 – the birth of a poet in the village of Yeletsk, Arkhangelsk region.

1941 – the father’s departure to the front, the death of his mother.

1942-1950 – the years spent in the children’s home of the village of Nikolskoe in the Vologda region

1950 – admission to the forestry technical school in Totma.

1952-1959 – work as a librarian, stoker on the ship Tral – fleet, passage of military service in the Northern Fleet.

1955-1956 – the first publications in the fleet newspaper “On Guard of the Arctic Circle” and in the almanac “Polar Lights” in Severomorsk.

1959 – 1962 – work as a mechanic at the Kirov factory in Leningrad. Classes in a literary association with the factory newspaper Kirovets and publications in it. Acquaintance with young literati.

1962-1964 – admission to the Literary Institute named after Gorky. Study first at full-time, and then at correspondence department.

1963 – publication of early poems in the journal “Youth”. Cooperation in the magazine “Young Guard”. Returning to the village of Nikolskoe, where the poet leaves to Vologda, Moscow, Leningrad.

1964 – the output of the collection of poems “Lyrics” in Arkhangelsk.

1967 – publication in Moscow of the book “The Star of Fields”. Recognition among writers. Criticism in the press for the lack of social issues, non-modernity, lyricism.

1969 – the publication of the book of poems “The Soul Stores” in Arkhangelsk.

1970 – the release of the last lifetime compilation “Pine Noise”. Preparation of the collection “Green Flowers”, published after the death of the poet.

1971, January 19 – death of the poet in Vologda.

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Nikolai Mikhailovich Rubtsov. Biography