Summary “Doll” Nosov

The theme of the war did not pass Russian literature. A bit of stories, novels, poems are devoted to this cruel time and the post-war period. One of these stories belongs to Eugene Nosov. Let us recall his problems and brief content. “Doll” by Evgeny Nosov is a short but heartfelt story about the human heart, not hardened during the war years.

His story was given a very brief summary of Nosov: “Doll” takes only a few pages. The story takes place a few dozen years after the war. The work begins with how the narrator remembers a small village near Lipino, where he often called in on official business. There is a place where the river forms a deep whirlpool with a strong current, and in this pool there are large catfishes – “the hosts of the river”. Often, the storyteller used to go fishing with his friend Akimych.

Several years have passed. The river became shallow, there was no whirlpool, and in its place appeared a mound. Soon Akimych

did not.

The author remembers the past days, how they fished with Akimych. It turned out that they served in the same army and were almost simultaneously hospitalized. Akimych was shell-shocked, and even now he could not fully recover from the disease. At excitement, the old man could not speak, his tongue word was rustling, and he only helplessly pulled his lips into a tube.

Once in the autumn the narrator came to the village after a long absence and saw that Akimych’s hut was burnt in which he slept. But a little later I saw the old man alive and well. He was walking somewhere with a shovel on his shoulder, worried and upset. He could not speak, only gestured for himself. They passed the school where Akimych worked as a watchman, passed by a green meadow, and in the ditch the narrator saw what had so upset his friend. It was a doll with protruding eyes and torn hair, and in the place of the nose and where previously there were pinched panties, gaping holes burned by cigarettes.

Akimych finally managed to talk and told that he finds many such abandoned dolls, but he can not look at them

calmly. They are too reminiscent of people, and for the war he has seen enough of human death. Afraid Akimych that all the others are indifferent – even future mothers, even teachers. And children can not get used to such pictures. So the old man undertook to bury such abandoned dolls, very much like children. Digging small graves for them, laying hay. “Do not bury everything” – such a sigh of the old man ends the story.

This is the summary. “Doll” Nosov, despite the small amount, touches on very important topics.

The theme of compassion in the story

What did the author want to convey to us with his short work? As the summary shows, the “Doll” of Nosov reminds us how terrible it is to become indifferent, to become hardened by the soul. Stop seeing the beauty of the surrounding world and the disgrace that is created in it. Old man Akimych, after going through the war, having seen enough of death, did not forget how to feel compassion. This manifested itself in the small – in pity for abandoned toys. But a person who can not look indifferently at an ejected doll will never throw another person in trouble.

Reading the story, we involuntarily feel compassion for Akimych himself – the old man, who passed through the war, who was shell-shocked and left alone. Perhaps his contusion in the story has a deeper meaning: a person tries to say – and can not, and he can only watch the woes around him silently and silently try to correct something. At least what is in his power.

Theme of beauty in the story “Doll”

What else does the summary require to think about? “Doll” Nosov touches on the theme of beauty and harmony in the world. After all, it’s no accident that the whole scene with the doll takes place against the backdrop of the beauty of the autumn nature, when everything in the world seems to be filled with bright colors, and silence stands and tranquility. In nature – harmony, in the life of people – chaos. And people themselves create this chaos. Someone – starting a war, and someone – just throwing out a boring doll.

The eternal theme of the short story

“Everything passes, but not everything is forgotten” – these words are read between the lines, like the short contents of E. Nosov’s “Doll”. The war is over – life goes on as usual. The most turbulent and deep whirlpool sooner or later overgrows with silt. But the narrator will not forget about the terrible days, and Akimych, who from time to time will lose the ability to speak, will not forget. The world has come – nature has blossomed, and everything in it is beautiful. But there are still abandoned mutilated dolls – like the echoes of terrible years, when buried abandoned and mutilated human bodies. People forget to appreciate the beauty of nature, forget to appreciate peace on earth, forget about responsibility. But it all starts small.

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Summary “Doll” Nosov