“The Boot of the God of Erlan” by Lin Mencu in summary

It is said that once there was a concubine named Han Yuqiao at the palace to the sovereign. But the beauty of Anfei reigned supreme in the heart of the lord. So Yuqiao became ill. Then, in order to strengthen the girl’s health, they decided to give her to the house of the official Yang Jian who recommended her to the court.

They accepted the guest in a friendly way, but it still did not get better. They conceived together with the host’s wife to offer prayers to local deities, among whom Erlan the god was especially revered. We went to the temple, and while the monks pronounced the words, Ms. Han secretly looked behind the canopy where God was seated. He was so beautiful that the girl immediately dreamed of having him as her husband.

At home, she continued to pray in a secluded place to Erlan. As if he had listened to her pleas, God appeared before her. He said that the heavenly powers protect her, that she is marked by Heaven and if she does not want, she can

not return to the palace. When the god disappeared, the beauty dreamed of a new date. Overcoming shyness, she offered her love to God, and Erlan, along with the girl, ascended the couch where they indulged in caresses.

In order not to return to the palace, Yuqiao continued to pretend to be ill. And she explained to the court messenger who brought gifts from the Emperor. About gifts, Erlan knew, and asked to give him a jagged girdle. The lady joyfully agreed. And then they surrendered to love again.

In the meantime, the house sensed something was amiss. Yuqiao was allegedly strictly guarded, but voices came from her wings at night, and she herself was suddenly much prettier. Explored – and in fact her guest visits, looks like a spirit, and mortal could not penetrate through all the locks. Yang Jian, the master, decided to call a spellcaster to protect the sovereign from the spoiling. His wife warned everyone about Yucciao.

Erlan was at night, and Wang was already at the ready. He immediately stepped on to the wing of Mrs. Han with incantations and curses, but God only fired a shot once, and Van

fell down without feeling.

We decided to invite another sorceress, the Taoist Panya. He promised to catch an uninvited guest. In the evening, Erlan came. Then the Tao commanded the maid to go to Mrs. Han and unnoticed to steal from her visitor a self-shot. God at that time drank with beauty, because he did not notice anything. Daos boldly entered the beautiful chambers. God grabbed was for the crossbow, but the weapon and the trace were cold. He rushed to the window, and the daos had time to rub it with his baton. God disappeared, but at the same time he lost his solid black boot from the skin.

Jan decided that the night visitor was not a god at all, but a man, but familiar with wizarding craft. They decided to catch him, for which the best detectives were called, among whom was famous Zhan Gui. He examined the boot and found a paper with the name of the shoemaker behind the lining. They brought an artisan. He recognized his work, and for whom the boot dragged, they found out from the book in his studio. Read and stunned. It turned out that the boots were ordered for one of the highest sovereign princes, the chief coach of Tsui!

Trembling with fear, went to Tsiuu – it’s something in the sovereign’s concubine. The dignitary examined the boot, called the servants, and they remembered that the dignitary himself had given these boots among his favorite pupil, who was going to the post of the head of the district. They found this student. He said that on the way to the place of service he fell ill, but recovered, went to thank the god Erlan. In the temple he noticed that the god with the shoe was not very good. I decided to give him a pair of boots.

Then the detective Jan Gui plotted near the temple to smelt. He walked under the guise of a vagabond merchant. Suddenly a woman offered him a good thing to buy. Glyul – the boot is exactly the same as the first! He bought it, compared it to the fact that the government kept it, and it is true – a pair. They learned that a woman who sold her boot, a mistress of the abbot of the temple of the god Erlan, and the abbot possesses this art of sorcery. Prepared a potion from witchcraft – and a temple. They sprinkled with the potion and crushed the villain.

The abbot confessed everything under torture. Even the jasper belt returned. For the desecration of his sovereign wife, he was quartered. Ms. Han was banished from the palace. She, however, only that and it was necessary. Soon she married a merchant.

Thus ended the history of the fornicate.

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“The Boot of the God of Erlan” by Lin Mencu in summary