Questions and answers to the work of O. Henry

What is remarkable about the life of the writer O. Henry?

The real name of this American writer is William Sidney Porter. He lived a short life – only forty-eight years. But it was full of events, which could be enough for two lives. His mother, he did not remember, and his father gave the raising of his son to a grandmother. The boy grew up vulnerable, shy. He drew well, differed wit. He studied in high school and at the same time was on duty in the pharmacy of his uncle Clark Porter. Later, it was very useful to him when he had to fulfill the duties of a prison doctor. William dreamed of literature, but life was such that he had to write his stories in prison. The future writer worked as a cashier at the bank, he was accused of wasting money and put in jail. His life was only twelve and a half years old, but it was at this time that he realized his old dream – he became a novelist O. Henry.

What is the difference between all the stories of O. Henry?


Henry writes about ordinary people, his stories are imbued with love for “little Americans.” O. Henry’s stories are always very entertaining, and the outcome is unexpected. In novels there is irony, humor. Fate is the main engine of everything that happens in them.

What are you familiar with the novels of O. Henry? In what story is the story of the kidnapping of two swindlers “a boy of about ten with bulging freckles all over his face”? Who are the Magi?

Magi are magicians, soothsayers; sorcerers and wise men. The Adoration of the Magi is a traditional gospel story that tells how the wise men from the East came to Bethlehem to worship the newborn Jesus Christ.

What gifts did the Magi bring to the young couple from the story of the “Gifts of the Magi”? Who were the girls Jonesy and Sue – the heroine of the story “The Last Leaf”? How did Sue manage to overcome a serious illness? What happened when the last leaf fell from the tree? What was the “masterpiece” of the old artist?

The old artist Berman painted a leaf on the tree that did not succumb to any winds and helped the girl survive. But Berman caught a cold, drawing a leaf, and died.

What feelings do you have for O. Henry’s stories?

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Questions and answers to the work of O. Henry