“The song about the merchant Kalashnikov” Lermontov in the summary

Moscow. Kremlin. Already white-stone. The royal refectory. During the meal Ivan IV the Terrible. Behind, behind the king, are the stewards. On the contrary – the princes and the boyars. On the sides – guard, oprichniki.

Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich is in a most delicious mood. Well, than not an occasion to turn a casual meal into a small, for your own, holiday? Opening the pirvanic “in the pleasure of their own and fun”, Grozny ordered the stewards to set oprichnina overseas, sweet, from the czarist stocks of wine. He himself keeps an eye on how his faithful servants drink, for wine drinking is also a test of loyalty. However, the remote fighters are not bastards: they drink as they should, they drink – the king is praised, the wine is sweet on the lips. Ivan is pleased, but suddenly he notices that one of them, from the oprichniki, does not touch the golden ladle with the gold wine. Having learned in the violator of the palace etiquette of his pet Kiribeevich,

he threateningly chastises him: “It is not proper for you, Kiribeyevich, / to rejoice with a royal joy; / And you are from the family Skuratov, / And you are fed up with a family Malyutina! ..”

Kiribeyevich, crafty and dexterous, like a demon, plays before the king, for him personally, a sentimental scene. Because, they say, I do not drink – I do not wash my mustache in a gilded bucket – I fell in love with a beauty before passion, and she turns away from me, unworthy, as if she is a non-christ, and closes her striped veil. Learning that the sweetheart of his nominee is just a merchant’s daughter, Ivan Vasilievich laughs: they say, take my jaunt’s pens, buy a pearl necklace and send precious gifts to your Alena Dmitrievna. You’re giving up the business-call for a wedding, well, and before the matchmaker worship…

Malyutin outsmarted Malyutin’s own Ivan the Fourth! And he did not lie to him, he seemed to be telling everything in the spirit, only he left the truth to himself: he did not tell us that the beautiful woman “In the church of God is

reborn, / Rebirth with a young merchant / According to our Christian law.”

Matchmaker to the matchmaker? Without the matchmaker we’ll manage! The main thing is that the king is on his side. And he himself is not in vain in the oprichnina, there’s nothing to do here with lawyers!

Seating yard. The silk shop of the merchant Kalashnikov. Behind the counter is the landlord. Recounts the money, smoothes the goods.

Stepan Paramonovich’s affairs are going well. And the fact that today the bar is not rich in its establishment, they do not pay attention to delicate goods, it’s not a day to day. But now evening, winter, early darkens, the guest yard has long been empty, it’s time to go home, to his young wife, to the dear children. The Kalashnikovs’ house is good – it’s tall, it’s good to be a master. Yes, if the morning is not lucky, it’s necessary until the night. I thought: my children are resting, and they are crying weep! I thought that his beloved wife would meet him on a white tablecloth and that she would not even have a home! Stepan Paramonovich is very worried, he is a calm man, aged, but worried: snow, blizzard, frost, darkness – has anything happened to Alena Dmitrievna? Oh, it happened, happened, and terrible! Kiribeevich disgraced her! And not somewhere, in the middle of the street, like a thief, like a beast, lashed out, kissed, persuaded! In the eyes of neighbors robbed. They laughed and pointed with their fingers: they say, what’s going on, well, shameless!

Believing, although not immediately, that his wife tells him the truth, Stepan Paramonovich decides not to postpone the case in the long haul, the good fortune is developing successfully. Tomorrow on the Moscow River – fist fights, and on the occasion of the holiday – with the king himself. And where is the king, there is the oprichnaya kennel. So he will then go to the oprichnik. It will be to the death to fight – to the last strength. He will not master, so maybe his little brothers, maybe younger children will have mercy on him, he’ll help beat the accursed one.

And they, the youngest, do not fail their “second father”. At first, lightly, in an everyday way, not too pleased with the fact that Stepan pobbed them out of the deceased beds, after learning what had happened to their daughter-in-law’s daughter, they give an honest merchant’s word: “We will not betray you, dear.”

The shore of the Moskva River. Early morning. The audience is still catching up, but the king and his retinue are already here.

The first, as predicted Kalashnikov, goes to the ring Kiribeyevich. Excited by yesterday’s “victory”, he is so aggressive and so confident in himself that none of his usual opponents move from his place. Here, then, pushing the crowd apart, Stepan Paramonovich appears. Kiribeyevich, slightly surprised, proposes to the simple-ass to introduce himself, in order to know who the funeral service is for. Of course, this is a joke: it’s clearly not going to fight to death. Not the case. And the Tsar-Sovereign does not approve of the mortal outcomes on the fisted lists. And only after realizing that the enemy is Alena Dmitrievna’s legal husband, she loses her composure. From the recent lack of courage and traces left. And yet – he, the first fist of the tsarist oprichnaya team, almost knocked down Stepan Paramonovich, a blow between ribs, poddyh, treacherously sneaky, it is he who does. With difficulty getting up, but immediately assembled, Kalashnikov dumps his foe dead. Terrible, as an experienced fan, sees that both fighters do not work according to the rules of a good game: according to the rules, they are not supposed to target anyone, neither to the temple, and as a judge asks the killer: unwillingly or at will he killed a servant of his faithful, will, for what and for what. On the second question Stepan Paramonovich Kalashnikov, naturally, can not answer, but on the first one answers immediately: “I killed him free-will”. Struck by his sincerity, Ivan Vasilievich, playing the best of his roles – the Tsar of Grozny, but the Fair One, although he sends Kalashnikov to the block, promises to fulfill his death request: do not leave an orphaned family with royal favor. And, strangely enough, fulfills a promise! Alena Dmitrievna and orphans – official content,

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“The song about the merchant Kalashnikov” Lermontov in the summary