“The cry of a lonely goose drives away dreams autumn sometimes at the Han Palace” Ma Zhiyuan in summary

The leader of the northern nomads brought to the Great Wall a hundred thousand soldiers to call himself a tribute to the Chinese sovereign, to whom he sent an ambassador. with rich gifts. The ambassador must also ask the Chinese princess to marry a nomadic ruler.

In the meantime, the cunning and treacherous dignitary Mao Yanshaw was wiped into the trust of the aged emperor. He believes his flattering speeches and hears advice. Everyone is afraid of Mao. He, fearing outside influence on the ruler, tries to keep his learned husbands away from him, to surround him with beauties. Therefore, recommends to collect in the palace of the most beautiful girls of the empire. The Emperor joyfully agrees. He instructs Mao Yanshaw to go round the whole country and look after the most worthy ones, and so that the ruler can assess the choice of his messenger, with each girl should paint a portrait and forward to the palace.

While executing the assignment, the dignitary shamelessly robs

the families of the pretenders, demanding generous offerings. Everyone is afraid of the tsar’s ambassador. No one dares to refuse him. In one of the counties, Mao Yanshou finds a rare beauty named Wang Zhaojun. She comes from a peasant family, but nobody is more beautiful than her in the whole world. The dignitary demands from the poor family Van gold. Then the daughter will excel at the court. But the beauty is so confident in her irresistibility that she rejects harassment. In retaliation, Mao depicts her in a portrait with a crooked eye: they are sent to the most distant palace chambers. So it all happened. The Emperor did not honor Zhaojun with an audience. She misses alone.

The Emperor plans to go around his palace and look at the girls, whom he still did not have time to pay attention to. Hears: someone skillfully plays the lute. Sends lead the lute player. Wang Zhaojun appears before the sovereign. He is stunned by her beauty, is interested in her origins and regrets that he has not met her yet. Zhaojun talks about the treachery of Mao Yanshaw, guilty of her imprisonment. The angry lord orders to seize

the scoundrel and cut off his head. The lover sir complains to the beautiful name Mingfei – “beloved concubine”.

At the same time, the leader of the nomads learns that the emperor refused to welcome him to the princess’s wife, they say, she is still too young. He is terribly offended, because everyone knows how many beauties surround the sovereign. Then, before the offended nomad, Mao Yanshou fled from the imperial wrath. He talks about the amazing beauty of Wang Zhaojun and shows a portrait – this time he portrayed the girl without any distortion, and her head is breathtaking in its beauty. A treacherous traitor advises to ask her to marry her, and in case of refusal to move the nomadic army into the Chinese lands.

The Emperor completely lost his mind from love. He left the business, spending days and nights in Mingfei’s chambers. But the minister can not fail to report to him on the arrival of the ambassador with a demand to give Wang Zhao-chun to his wife a nomadic leader. The minister warns that a huge army is ready to attack, and there is no possibility to defend itself from it: the soldiers are badly trained, there are no brave generals ready to enter the battle. It is required to save the country from the enemy invasion. The emperor wants to get advice from his officials, how not to betray his beloved, save the world. But no one can help him.

Wang Zhaojun is prepared to prevent war at the cost of his own life. She persuades the sovereign to put the interests of the state above their mutual love. The emperor has to agree, but he decides to conduct himself Mingfei to the Balintsyao Bridge and drink a farewell cup of wine with her. The Emperor and Mingfei look at each other with sorrow. Finally they part for ever.

On the border, the leader of the nomads joyously meets Wang Zhaojun. He is proud that the Chinese emperor did not dare to neglect the alliance with him. The beauty asks permission for the last time to look to the southern reaches and drink a cup of wine. She drinks wine and rushes into the waters of the border river. Nobody has time to come to her aid. On the site of her burial the Green Hill is erected – the grass is always green on it. The leader of the nomads in all accuses the scoundrel Mao Yanshou. He commands to grab him and take him to the emperor to the right court.

For a hundred days the emperor does not give audiences. And now, autumn sometimes, he is sad in the palace alone. Barely dozed – in a dream is Zhaojun, but the Hsiungne again take her away. The farewell cries of the flying geese give rise to even greater sadness, and even more tormented are the memories of a short happiness. The dignitary reports that the traitor Mao Yanshou has been brought. The Emperor orders to cut off his head. Immediately there is a memorial service for Mingfei.

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“The cry of a lonely goose drives away dreams autumn sometimes at the Han Palace” Ma Zhiyuan in summary