Summary “Cinderella” Perrault

Summary “Cinderella” Perrault

The only daughter of a wealthy noblewoman lost her mother early and her father again married a lady with two girls. Since then, the fate of the young Cinderella has changed. Now she was serving her stepmother and in every way pleasing her daughters. I cooked, sewed, washed and cleaned the whole house and did all the dirty work. Her father was very fond of his daughter, but was very meek and could not contradict his new wife.

Soon the king announced that he was going to marry his beloved son and stepmother Cinderella decided that she would not miss this chance and one of her daughters would necessarily become a princess. Going to the royal ball, Stepmother made Cinderella sew beautiful daughters to her daughters. Cinderella also wants to go with them and the stepmother will allow her,

but on condition that she remakes a bunch of household chores.

On the day of the celebration, everyone goes to the court, and Cinderella stays in the house. She weep bitterly at home affairs. But the sweet girl had a godmother – a real sorceress, and, hearing the bitter torments of her goddaughter, appeared before her. Having learned that Cinderella wants to go to the ball, the god fairy arranged everything. From vegetable vegetables and living creatures, she created a carriage drawn by horses, two helpful pages. Nakoldovdala dress incredible beauty and crystal shoes exactly on the foot of the goddaughter.

Cinderella, who came to the ball at the palace, no one recognized and the prince at first sight fell in love with a stranger. Until midnight, according to the order of the cross, Cinderella returned home. The king announced the second ball, as the prince did not want to live without a stranger who fell in love with him at the ball. But during the second ball Cinderella, forgetting about the time, began to run away from the palace only during the fight of the clock. In a hurry, she lost her shoe, and the prince found her.

The next day the prince, surrounded by retinue, traveled all over the kingdom, seeking a girl whom this shoe would fit. This was only Cinderella. As soon as the prince put on a shoe on Cinderella’s leg, a sorceress appeared and turned the rags of a girl into the finest outfit. The prince married Cinderella and her entire family moved to the palace, as Cinderella forgave the evil stepmother and her daughters.

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Summary “Cinderella” Perrault