“History of Tan Ge” Qin Chunya in brief summary

At the age of eight, Tan Ge was orphaned. He was brought up by Zhang Wen, an artisan. I regretted the orphan. The beauty of the girl admired the manager of the merry establishment of the dinger, Ding Wanqing. He became an artisan to court, to promise money. She sent gifts. And he yielded.

In tears, Tan Ge moved to a cheerful house. But Dean Wangqing caressed her, so that fears receded. The girl was not only beautiful, but also clever and talented extraordinarily. She knew how to say poems to a place, continue witty stanza. To look at it from all district came together.

Somehow even the governor awarded Tan Ge a joint walk. Wrote poetry. The girl conquered the prince. He asked questions, she told all about herself, and then she dared to ask the governor to order her to be struck out of the estate of the peasants – she really wanted to marry. The governor generously agreed.

Then Tan Ge began to look for her husband. Chang Chang from the tea department liked her.

They lived together. Two years later, Zhang received a new appointment for service. Parting, he swore to his friend in fidelity. And she was meanwhile in a state of demolition.

After the departure of the beloved, Tan Ge was a hermit. Even the neighbors saw her rarely. I wrote Zhang about my longing. He does not return. Another year passed – I wrote again. Already the son grew up.

Zhang read the letters and was sad. But he could not go against the will of older relatives. A year later they told him a certain girl Sun. Soon the wedding was played. Zhang grieved, shed tears, but write Tan Ge so spiritually and not going. And she, upon learning of his marriage, wrote another letter: that the boy is growing, that she is working hard, that she loves him as before, but resigns herself to fate.

Three years passed. Zhang’s wife became sick and died. There was a guest traveling on business to the south. Zhang asked him about Tan Ge, and he began to extol her to the skies, and a certain Zhang to be honored as an insidious seducer. He was ashamed of Zhang, confessed to the whole guest, tried to justify himself. Then I decided to go to that city. He arrived, and Tan Ge closed the door in front of his nose. Zhang began to repent, about the death of his wife, and told about his eternal love. Tan Ge was softened. Only one condition has been set: to send a matchmaker and arrange a wedding. Zhang did everything. They returned to the capital together, and a year later their second son was born. Until the end of the days we lived in harmony. It happens like this!

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“History of Tan Ge” Qin Chunya in brief summary