“Notes on the Warm Source” by Qin Chun in brief summary

It happened once to a certain Zhang Yu to drive past Lishan Mountain. He remembered the story of the sovereign Xuanzong, the beauty of Yang Taichren and the commander An Lushane. By himself, he developed poetry,

He spent the night at the farmstead. Somehow vaguely felt in my heart. Hardly dozed off, two envoys appeared in bed at the bedside in yellow. They appeared by his soul. One took out a silver hook and pierced the sleeper’s chest. Zhang Yu did not feel the pain. For a moment – and Zhang Yu was divided: one lifeless lay on the bed, the other followed the messengers.

On Zhang Yu’s insistent inquiries, he was told that he was invited to the first lady of the immortal land on the island of Penglai – Yang Taichren and that the reason was in his poems written at the contemplation of Lishan Mountain.

The palace where they arrived was truly beautiful. But even more beautiful was the virgin herself. Together they bathed in the Warm Spring, and

then began to feast and talk. Zhang asked the girl about the ancient times, about the sovereign Xuanzong, the commander An Lushane. It turned out that the sovereign became a heavenly righteous person and lives on earth in the image of a righteous Taoist.

Zhang Yu could not take his eyes off the virgin, his passion flared from wine. But no matter how much he tried to approach the heavenly maiden, nothing came out – as if thousands of ropes kept him in place. As they say, not destiny! Beauty, feeling his distress, promised him a new meeting in two centuries. As a sign of location, she presented the box with a hundred incenses.

The servant boy brought the guest out of the palace. Hardly passed the gate, he pushed Zhang Yu with such force that he fell to the ground – and as if awakened. Everything that happened seemed like a dream. But next to it was a box of incense. The fragrance was divine.

The next day at the postal station Warm source Zhang Yu on the wall wrote poems about his extraordinary journey. After a while in a deserted field the shepherd boy handed him a letter from a divine virgin. I read it and felt even sadder. Such is the story.

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“Notes on the Warm Source” by Qin Chun in brief summary