Summary “Without a title”

In a nutshell: The teacher’s wife is interested in her husband’s friend, the actor, and is going to leave with him. The teacher stops them, and the woman realizes that her husband is a brave and loving man.

In the summer in the village they rent a room husband and wife. They have been married for ten years, they have a son of seven years old. His wife is a tall, slender, flexible woman with a pleasant face, her husband is a typical teacher, skinny, wearing golden eyeglasses, although of pleasant appearance. The husband works in the city, and in his spare time he works in the garden. The relationship between husband and wife is rather gentle.

Exams end. The husband finally settles in the village and is engaged in a garden. On Saturdays visitors come to them – a long-established, united society. Hosts with guests go to the forest with berries and mushrooms, and in the evening play cards, sing and laugh.

One day a new guest comes, a tall, dense man,

an actor or a singer. Pleased with his arrival, the teacher introduces the guest to his wife.

At first, the teacher does not depart from his friend, but soon his wife draws attention to the guest. She begins to dress better, changes her hairstyle and spends a lot of time with him, learning the stage craft. Husband does not interfere, only occasionally comes to them, shakes a friend on the shoulder, and again returns to the garden.

The relationship between the actor and the woman reach the kisses. One evening the teacher leaves for the city. The next day a cart approaches the dacha. The actor and the hostess go out in the road dresses, get in the cart and leave. Unexpectedly, the path is blocked by the teacher who has taken up from nowhere. He rushes to the cart, grabs the actor by the collar and throws it to the ground. Instead of explanations, the actor runs away with astonishing rapidity, and the teacher’s wife starts kissing her husband and saying: “There will never be anything like this in my life that will not happen again.” He only pretended to be a man, and you are a real, brave and loving man. “

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Summary “Without a title”