“Yan Guifei” Le Shi in summary

A girl named Jan was orphaned early. The reigning emperor Xuanzong honored her with his benevolence, elevated him to the title of “Guifei” and generously endowed him. The rain of favors was also spilled on the entire family of Jan, the sister and brothers acquired unprecedented power.

Gradually the emperor stopped visiting other palace concubines. Days and nights he spent with Jan Guifei, pleasing her with the representations of skilful dancers, musicians, jugglers, magicians, rope-walkers. The attachment of the emperor grew stronger, and the influence of the Yang family grew, no one could compete with them, there were no gifts.

Several times the emperor tried to alienate Jan Guifae for various faults, but so yearned for her that he immediately returned her to the palace.

The years of great love flowed serenely, until one of the imperial generals, An Lushan, raised a rebellion. It was then that the people hated the Yang family, equal in power and wealth to the sovereign himself. Discontent ripened in the troops. The soldiers loyal to the emperor first dealt with the minister from the Yang family, killing together his son and other relatives. Later, from the emperor, Ian Guifei was demanded. Only when the rebels saw the dead body of the hateful concubine, they calmed down.

The rest of the days the emperor was inconsolably grieving for his beloved. Everything in the palace was like her. At his command, the dao-sorcerer went to the next world, where he met with Yan Guifei. He promised her a speedy meeting with the emperor. And in fact, soon the Emperor died and in a new life forever connected with a precious girlfriend.

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“Yan Guifei” Le Shi in summary