Summary of “Allez” Kuprin

Allez! – this is the first word that Nora remembers from childhood. She grew up in a circus, did dzhigitovka, acrobatics on a trapezoid, went on a rope and all the time, overcoming pain, heard: “Allez!”.

At sixteen, Nora attracted the attention of the famous clown Menotti. He invites the girl to have supper, and then to her room, whispering “Allez!”. Almost a year Nora drives Menotti through the cities, helps him, believes in his world greatness.

Soon the girl bores Menotti, and the clown pays attention to the air gymnast Wilson. Menotti often beats Norah and once chases her away, screaming “Allez!”. Despite the rude treatment, Nora is still drawn to him. Once entering Menotti’s room, the girl finds him with Wilson. Nora rushes at her, and Menotti struggles to get the women away.

Humbly kissing his boots, Nora begs Menotti not to leave her, but he drives the girl away. Nora leaves the room and sees an open window. Her fingers become cold, her heart stops beating. From the last forces she screams “Allez!” and jumps down.

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Summary of “Allez” Kuprin