Summary “Puss in Boots” Perrault

The tale “The Cat in Boots,” a brief summary of which can be useful to schoolchildren in the lessons of foreign literature, is one of the most famous works of the writer Sh. Perrault. An indicator of the popularity of the book is its repeated screen versions both in feature films and in cartoons. In fact, a simple, but at the same time surprisingly instructive and at the same time funny tale is read in one breath and permanently stored in memory thanks to the original story and colorful characters.

Very popular not only among the children’s, but also the adult audience is the work “The Cat in Boots.” The summary of the story should begin with a description of the circumstances of how the main character turned out to be the youngest son of a miller, it is distinguished by a dynamic plot and witty humor. The beginning of the book describes the death of a poor miller who left a small inheritance to his sons. The two elders received the best part, and

the youngest got a cat, which he wanted to eat, and make clothes out of wool.

However, the intelligent animal talked with him and promised to help. The tale “The Cat in Boots”, whose brief content should be continued with a description of the character of the protagonist, tells how a cunning beast begged his master for leather boots in which he began to go hunting, to obtain magnificent game and to deliver it to the royal kitchen, that it is a gift from a certain Marquis of Karabas.

Development of action

The story “The Cat in Boots”, whose brief content should repeat the structure of this in principle uncomplicated fairy tale, consists of three parts. The second of them is devoted to the next cunning of the hero who, with the help of another trick, obtained a luxurious outfit for his master, and then persuaded metro people to tell the king that all the forests and fields belong to the great and rich Marquise Karabas. Thus, he forced the king to believe that his guest was indeed an influential and distinguished nobleman.

Culmination and denouement

One of the most

popular children’s writers is Charles Perrault. “Puss in Boots” is a story familiar to every child. The most interesting episode in the work is a scene in which the hero has tricked a terrible ogre, persuading him to turn into some small animal. He, wishing to boast before an unexpected guest, turns around with his mouse, and his cat eats. After this incident, the king approached the castle, and the cat informed him that the building belonged to the Marquis of Carabas. The king married the miller’s son to his daughter, and the cat became an important lord.

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Summary “Puss in Boots” Perrault