“Ancient stories about the Han U-di-the Warrior” Warrior “Banu Gu in summary

Somehow the fortuneteller predicted the future wife of the Han emperor a great destiny. She really gave birth to a son who became the sovereign of the Udi.

Since childhood, the boy was a clear mind, able to draw his heart. At first the son of concubine Li was considered to be the heir, but on the side of the Udi his mother-in-law, the sister of the emperor, appeared, and soon he was declared the successor of the reigning sovereign, and at the age of fourteen ascended to the throne.

Emperor Wu-di was passionately interested in the doctrine of immortality, sorcery and sorcery. From all sides, magicians and wizards flocked to the court. He also loved secret trips around the country. More than once I got into history: the robbers attacked, the old man, the owner of the road house, planned an attack, and only a noble concubine saved the emperor, for which he was granted the highest award. The first dignitary of the sovereign even had to finish with himself, in order to discourage

Wu from such adventures.

The Emperor was very curious and collected rare books, wonderful animals and other wonders, and court poets sang all this in verse. And the emperor himself did not abhor poetry. He also loved the most respectable people at the court. True, he executed them for the slightest fault. Ji An tried to reason with the Tsar, but he did not heed the advice. Ji An died from grief.

Wishing to extend his days, Wu-di met with the goddess of the West Sivanmu, in whose gardens grew peaches longevity. In addition, on the advice of the magicians, he kept thousands of concubines in the palace, for he believed that merging with a woman granted immortality.

One day, visiting his possessions, the Tsar saw a beautiful woman who, in due time, gave birth to his heir and soon died. A wonderful fragrance flowed from her coffin-the concubine was not an earthly woman.

But no matter how hard he tried to achieve immortality, he died at the right time and was buried. They say that even after his death he visited his concubines and shared a bed with them. For a long time there were all kinds of evangelistic signs. True, the late emperor became a celestial.

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“Ancient stories about the Han U-di-the Warrior” Warrior “Banu Gu in summary