Biography of John Barth

John Barth is an American writer, was born in Cambridge, Maryland.

He studied at Johns Hopkins University. Since 1973, at the end of the university, the twenty following years of John Barth’s life have been devoted to the teaching of writing.

His postmodern novels – experimental, comic, self-referential, and often prolonged – reflected his anger and despair about a world he considered ridiculous and pointless.

While his early books were extensively touted, many critics described his later work as verbose, bordering on incomprehensibility.

John Barth has a special gift for parodies. One of his best-known novels, The Dope Trader, describes the 17th century in Maryland, and cleverly ridicules historical novels.

His other fantasies are Floating Opera, End of the Road, Giles Goat-Boy, Chimera, Letters, Sabbatical, Once Upon a Time, Coming Soon, short stories and comments of the book “Ten and one night,” and novels of the book “Where Three Roads Cross”.

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Biography of John Barth