Summary “St. John’s Wort, or First Path of War” by Cooper

Having defeated a barely passable forest thicket, two young men came to the shore of a dazzlingly shining mountain lake. The first of the travelers is the stalwart strongman and the bouncer Harry March, noticing the admiration of his comrade, said that in comparison with the Great Lakes of Canada this is supposed to be a lake. But for Natti Bampo, who grew up in the forests, nicknamed St. John’s Wort, a huge water mirror showed an unprecedented spectacle. However, there was no time to admire. Especially Harry March (on the well-known nickname of the colonists – Neposide), He, as the giant hoped, will not wait for the beautiful Judith – a daughter who settled long ago on the lake of Thomas Hatter.

Having found the cake hidden, the friends soon reached the “castle” – built on the piles of the hermit’s dwelling, hammered in shallow water. The house was empty. According to Harry, the old man and his daughters went hunting. Young people are

sailing for their search. First they notice the inspecting traps of Hutter and only then the beautifully disguised “ark” – a large flat-bottomed barge. About the war that began between the English and French, Tom already received news, but he does not yet know that the soldiers of the friendly Indian Ming tribe of the Indian people are wandering around the lake. With the help of new arrivals, he hurries to bring the “ark” to the open water.

The immediate danger is past, but two pies are hidden on the shore of the lake – Hatter, Harry and St. John’s Wort, not without reason, suggest that the Indians will soon find them. Therefore – under the guise of the night – it was decided to master pies. Harry takes care of Judith, but he does not like the girl.

In the dark, men go on dangerous voyage. The enterprise manages – the pies are captured. Harry and Hatter decide to attack the abandoned Indian settlement. Knowing that St. John’s wort will not agree to this infamy, he is sent off. Adventurers, however, miscalculated – the women raised a cry,

and the nearby warriors managed to help. The unlucky hunters behind the scalps themselves are taken prisoner. Waking up at dawn, St. John’s Wort sees that the pie left by it approaches the shore. The hunter starts chasing. When there is very little left before the boat – and to the ground, a shot is heard from the bushes. Indian. St. John’s Wort jumps to the shore and hides behind a tree. He offers the Indian peace – he agrees. But, having taken the pirogue and intending to sail, the young man notices that the warrior took aim at him. St. John’s wort instantly sends the gun into the foe hiding behind the bushes – two shots merged into one. The young man was not injured – the Iroquois warrior was mortally wounded. Dying, the Indian calls the hunter Falcon Eye.

St. John’s Wort returns to the “castle”. From Tom’s daughters, he does not hide the serious change that their father has made. But he is also reassuring: tonight, at sunset, he has an appointment with the Delaware warrior Chingachgook – they will think of something. Especially since the Great Serpent – so Chingachgook is translated from Delaware – came here for the bride kidnapped by him.

All go to the “Ark”, and, maneuvering all day to obstruct enemy soldiers, just at sunset St. John’s wort brings the barge to the designated place – from an abrupt rock to the ship the Indian jumps off. On the shore there are pursuers, but it’s too late – the ark is out of reach.

Having conferred, St. John’s wort with Chingachgook advise the sisters to redeem the captives. Girls without hesitation offer the best of their outfits – but is this enough? After a moment’s thought, Judith decides to open his father’s treasured chest. Among expensive dresses and variously unseen find skillfully sculpted chess pieces. Neither Judith nor St. John’s Wort knows what it is, but archers, saddled horses, and especially elephants amaze. The Indians who appeared for the talks were simply bewitched. For decency, after a little bargaining, they gladly exchange captives for two strange beasts – chess elephants.

Both the liberated and the liberators decide: the “castle” is an unreliable place. The “Ark” is safer. Everybody gets on a barge and sails. At night, Chingachgook and St. John’s wort make their way to the enemy camp – behind the Ua-ta-Ua, the bride of the Great Serpent. The girl is guarded. Fortunately, one of the chiefs of the Minggas orders the old guard to bring water. She, having captured a young delaware, goes to the spring. St. John’s wort attacks the old woman, clamps her mouth – Chingachgook with Ua-ta-Ua run to the pie. Huronke manages to make a piercing scream – St. John’s wort flings the old woman and starts to run. Near the water, one of the Indians overtakes St. John’s wort. A fight is being tied up. A few more soldiers are running up – Hawkeye in captivity.

Hutter and Neposdu do not care about the fate of St. John’s wort. Judith is another matter. All the troublesome night she – along with her younger sister Hetty – is in the boat, hoping to find out what awaits her hunter.

Hutter and Neseda sent the “ark” to the “castle”; it seems to them – it is not captured. Chingachgook warns, reminding of the treachery of the Mingi, – they do not listen to him. Careless couple, seeing intact constipation, without fear joins the house. Cracking, crashing, cursing is a struggle for life and death. Harry Potter falls out of the door, crammed with furious warriors. Due to his enormous physical strength, he scattered numerous opponents, but deftly thrown ropes entangle the giant and bring him to the platform. March does not give up, rolls into the water and uses the Ua-ta-Ua to climb onto a barge controlled by Chingachgook. The Huronian warriors do not dare to pursue in unprofitable conditions and leave the “castle”.

The sisters are the first to find themselves in the place of the recent battle. Judith and Hattie hear a painful groan, they open the shutters and discover a glazed father. In addition, he received a death blow with a knife. Touching farewell – Thomas Hutter has time to open to the girls that he is not their father, and dies.

The next evening – to the surprise of those who are escaping on the “ark” – they see the Traveling St. John’s wort. A young man as a parliamentarian was released on parole with obviously unacceptable conditions. But, whatever the talks are, tomorrow he must return to the enemies. And no matter how accomplished the mission he took on himself, the brave, in all probability, does not expect anything good. Judith tries to dissuade the hunter from reckless return – St. John’s wort convinces the girl of the impossibility for him to break his promise.

Upon return, the Hurons, appreciating the courage and honesty of the Hawkeye, invite him to marry the widow of the Indian he killed. The prospect of being a husband burdened by numerous offspring and an extremely grumpy “matron” frightens St. John’s wort more than death and the most sophisticated tortures – he refuses. The enraged brother of the rejected woman launches a tomahawk into the hunter, he evades, intercepts the weapon and kicks off the attacker with a return throw.

St. John’s wort is tied to a tree and, trying to intimidate, knives, tomahawks, shoot with rifles – so as not to inflict serious wounds. Hunter not only does not turn his head, but also does not close his eyes. This leads the Hurons into a frenzy – they are laying out a bonfire. Appears Hetty – she is considered to be weak-minded and allows her to walk everywhere. She flings the fire burning with a stick. The Indians lead the girl aside, intending to continue the torture, but Chingachgook intervenes. He jumps out of the thickets, crosses the glade with lightning speed, cuts the ropes and hands the gun to the Witches. Confusion. However, the enemies are abundant. Friends must inevitably perish, but… The heavy, rhythmic footsteps of soldiers’ feet, the drumbeat, the cut off hurons in a panic rush through the sand spit, bayonet attack – almost all men and women find death.

Among the wounded – Hetty: a stray bullet hit the girl. The wound is heavy, and although Hetty courageously endures suffering, surprising the military doctor, her life fades. Judith cries beside her sister – Friends say goodbye to the dying. The Hittites are buried at the bottom of the lake.

After the funeral of her sister, the orphaned Judith retreats with St. John’s wort. A direct-minded hunter likes it very much, but all the hints that have been fairly frank with him have so far been ignored. Now, realizing – now or never – Judith, overcoming shyness, suggests to St. John’s wort to take her as his wife. The hunter is silent and, trying not to offend the girl, answers to her that marriage without mutual love is unlikely to be successful. His feelings, however, are more contradictory and complex than those expressed aloud. Judith attracts the hunter, but also pushes him away: something deep. And not in the incomprehensible words of the dying Hetty lies the clue: “I feel, St. John’s wort, although I can not say why that you and I do not part forever.” This is a strange feeling, I’ve never experienced it before… “

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Summary “St. John’s Wort, or First Path of War” by Cooper