Biography of Pearl Buck

Pearl Saydensticker Buck, an American writer, was born in Hillsborough, Virginia.

Pearl Buck graduated from the Randolph-Macon College of Women in 1914.

Pearl Buck was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938. Until 1924, she lived mainly in China, where she, her parents and her first husband, John Lossing Buck, were missionaries.

She is famous for her bright, compassionate novels about life in China. “Earth” is considered the best work in the biography of Pearl Sydensticker Buck. The work describes the ascent of ordinary Chinese peasants to wealth, and brilliantly conveys the sense of everyday life of ordinary Chinese.

Other of her novels about China are known as “East Wind, West Wind,” “Dragon Seed,” “Woman Emperor,” and “Mandala.”

In 1935, Pearl Buck married her publisher Richard J. Walsh, president of John Day. In 1949, she founded the “Welcome House”, a house in which the children of Asian women and American soldiers were cared for.

She also founded the Pearl Buck Foundation, in which she transferred most of her royalties to help Asian-American children. More than 85 books by Pearl Buck include works for children, plays, biographies and scientific works such as “China as I see it.”

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Biography of Pearl Buck