Biography of John Banyan

Biography of John Banyan

John Banyan is an English author, was born in the city of Elstow, Bedford.

After a short period in a village free school, Banyan studied the work of an artisan, whom he intermittently followed all his life. Having joined the army of Parliament in 1644, he served until 1647.

Reading several religious books and constantly studying the Bible throughout the life of John Bagnan, strengthened his religious beliefs, and in 1653 he began to preach for a meeting of Baptists in Bedford. In this position, he came into conflict with Quakers under the leadership of George Fox, and turned to writing in defense of his convictions.

In 1660 the servants of the restored monarchy arrested him for unauthorized preaching, and he remained in prison for the next 12 years. During this time

Banyan wrote nine books, the most famous of which is “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners”, a sincere spiritual autobiography. Shortly after the release of work in 1672 he was again imprisoned, and wrote the first part of his masterpiece “The Pilgrim’s Route to the Celestial Country”, published in 1678. The second part of the book appeared in 1684.

By the time Banyan was released from his second confinement, he became a hero for members of his sect. He continued to preach and write until his death. The main work of the next years is “The Life and Death of Mr. Badman” and “The Sacred War.” “The Path of Pilgrim” is an allegory and tells of the journey of Christian from the city of destruction to the heavenly city. The second part of the book tells how Christian’s wife makes the same pilgrimage.

The outstanding work “Pilgrim’s Way”, written in biblical style, contains vivid representations of heroes and events. It is one of the greatest literary works in the world. Banyan’s popularity still rests on the spiritual fervor that permeates his work, and the compelling style in which he wrote.

His prose combines the eloquence of the Bible with the vigorous realism of common speech.

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Biography of John Banyan