Biography of John Dillinger

Biography of John Dillinger

John Dillinger is an American criminal, a bank robber who fled twice from prison.

John was born on June 22, 1903 in Indianapolis. His father was a grocer. Parents did not give proper attention to the child. And when John was three years old, his mother died. So even in his childhood in the biography of John Dillinger woke up to crime. At the age of nine he organized his first gang involved in theft. Leaving school in 1919, Dillinger began working as a mechanic. And then, together with his family, moved to Morrisville. Once, in 1923, he stole the car, and was caught. Since then, Johnny Dillinger did not return to live with his parents.

Not long after serving in the Navy, John married, beginning to live with the bride’s family. But soon the former craving for robbery awoke

again, and together with his gang he robbed the store, killing the seller. He was sentenced to ten years. But in prison he did not repent, but, on the contrary, he found a kind of crime where his talent and energy were most evident. John decided to rob banks.

In 1933, having freed himself ahead of time, Dillinger again assembled a gang, which included his prison comrades. Then in the biography of Dillinger, several banks and shops were robbed. Soon John was arrested again. But he managed to escape from prison in the city of Lima.

And again raids on the banks began. The weapons of Dillinger’s gang took, plundering police stations. Once, during the bank robbery, John killed a policeman. By that time, a raid on his gang began. But John again successfully managed to plunder banking institutions. Once in the hotel, where the gang stopped, a fire started, and after the fireman identified Dillinger. Soon he was caught and arrested.

It must be said that America was going through difficult times then. Poor people found their idol in John Dillinger, as he robbed the rich, thereby restoring justice. On all the photos in the biography of John Dillinger, you see his cunning, prudence, inexhaustible energy.

Dillinger again managed to escape from prison. He, putting the gun to the guard and taking him hostage, left

the prison walls. But I could not save my comrades. From this moment, the capture of an important criminal was taken by the FBI. And Dillinger still continued to rob banks, but now with a new element – hostages.

The struggle between John and law enforcement continued. After another shootout and injury, John went to his father in Morrisville. The next meeting of the FBI and Dillinger took place at a resort in the state of Wisconsin. The criminals left, but one of the gang members was wounded, it was not possible to save him even after a visit to the doctor. And Dillinger was still robbing.

May 27, 1934 in the biography of John Dillinger was an operation to change the appearance. After that, he remained practically without funds. Living in Chicago, he hoped to leave for Mexico. Together with another mistress, he rented an apartment from Anna Sage – emigrant from Romania. She, to earn the favor of the police and get 20 thousand, promised for the capture of the criminal, handed it over to the police. One day after leaving the cinema, Dillinger was attacked by a police raid. He was wounded three times, and died on the way to the hospital. According to the biography of Dillinger, many films were shot. So there was a film “Johnny D” with Johnny Depp in the title role.

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Biography of John Dillinger