Biography of John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is the 35th President of the United States.

Born John May 29, 1917 in Massachusetts, the city of Brookline in a wealthy family policy. The first training in the biography of Kennedy took place at the boarding school of Connecticut, then he studied at Princeton, Harvard. For some time he lived in London, watching European politics.

In 1941, Kennedy began to serve in the US Navy, soon he was promoted to lieutenant. During the fighting, when John Kennedy was captain of a torpedo boat in the waters of the Pacific, his back hurt. In 1953 he married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.

Kennedy represented a democratic party, then became a senator of Massachusetts. In 1956, Kennedy had his first political defeat: he did not win the vice-president’s election. In 1957, after the publication of three of his books, he received the Pulitzer Prize. In November 1960, John Kennedy was elected president of the United States, and in office joined in January 1961.

Kennedy’s policy as president was aimed at improving the relationship between the USSR and the US, the exploration of outer space. However, apart from this, the time of reign in Kennedy’s biography coincides with the Caribbean crisis, as well as US intervention in the Vietnam War.

November 22, 1963 in John Kennedy shot twice, when he was driving in a car around the city of Dallas. The suspect in the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald was also killed while already at the police station. The facts of the Kennedy assassination are still contradictory.

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Biography of John F. Kennedy