Biography of Karel Čapek

Karel Capek is a Czech playwright, novelist and essayist.

He is better known as the author of two brilliant satirical plays – “Rossum Universal Robots”, which brought verbal robots into English, and “From the Life of Insects,” written with his brother Josef. These plays embody Czapek’s criticism of technological and material excesses.

In other of his plays, for example, “The Means of the Macropolus” ridicules the human quest for immortality and a strong desire to get a titanic force. Janacek used this work as the basis for his opera “Makropoulos Affair”.

Three volumes of his conversations with Thomas G. Masaryk form his political biography.

Czapek’s work “Power and Glory” condemns totalitarianism and war. He also wrote traveler essays, romances, for example, “Krakatit”, essays and short stories.

In the biography of Karel Capek, three philosophical novels “Gordubal”, “Meteor”, as well as “Ordinary Life” are of deep and even mystical character. Differing from his other works, they represent the best examples of the works of Capek.

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Biography of Karel Čapek