Summary “Last summer in Chulimsk” Vampilov

The action took place in the summer taiga center in the early morning. Valentina, being a slim and pretty girl of eighteen years, goes to work in the tea room. On the way, she examines the front garden in front of the house: again the boards are taken out of the fence, and the gate is torn off. She inserted the boards, straightened the crushed grass and began to repair the gate. All this she does several times, so passers-by had to walk on the lawn straight to pass the gate.

Valentina falls in love with Shamanov, a local investigator who did not notice her feelings. Shamanov went to Kashkin, an apothecary who lived near the tea house, and therefore Valentine, however, like the whole village, knows about their connection. She suffered in silence. Shamanov is about thirty years old, but he feels like a tired person. His favorite is the desire to retire. Kashkin, his mistress took offense at the fact that he did not tell her about himself, even though she knew many things about him

from acquaintances in the city without him.

Previously, he worked in the city as an investigator, and he was predicted a big future, he had a very pretty wife, car and other benefits. But he was one of those for whom the situation was more important than the truth, and therefore Shamanov, investigating the lawsuit of the son of some official who brought down a man, in spite of the pressure of the highs did not begin to hush up this matter. As a result, there were people who were stronger than him. The trial was postponed, and the investigation gave the other news. Shamanov takes offense, resigns from work, parted with his wife, begins to dress incomprehensibly as, and then left for the taiga district center, where he reluctantly did his duty in the work.

Shamanov thinks his life is over. After 2 days, the court must pass this case, which he started to conduct and because of which he resigned. He was invited to participate as a witness, but he refused. He was not interested in this at all. He was disappointed and no longer believed in the likelihood of acceptance of justice. He did not want to fight anymore.

But Shamanov in the regional center still stood out very sharply against the background of others. Valentine and Kashkin felt his eccentricity and reached out to him.

Pashka, the son of the barman of the Good, is in love with Valentina. Pasha was also the stepson of Dergachev, a local worker. Upon his arrival in the city, Pashka kept turning around Valentina, calling her to dance. But Valentine always refused him firmly. Pashka hinted that he knew his rival in person and, showing himself to be steep, even threatened to deal with him. Pashka was always at the center of family disputes. His mother and Dergachev are tied to each other, one can even say that they love each other. But Pashka is the wound of Dergachev, who did not heal with time, because he was born from another person when Dergachev was at the front.

Mom asked her son to leave, but Pashka was not very willing to listen to her. He was also offended, this is why he had to leave his father’s house if he planned to marry Valentine and live here. Dergachev repaired the tea, but everyone can see how irritated he is, and he pushes it out on his wife, whom he directly demands in the morning on the occasion of a meeting with an old friend of booze. This friend came from the taiga by the old fisherman and Evenk Eremeev.

He is completely alone after the death of his wife, and comes to work on his pension. But then he has to endure some difficulties: he did not have a work record book, or a certificate of work – all his life he worked in a geological party, he hunted and did not even think about old age. Another participant in the action is the accountant Mechetkin, he is a bore and a bureaucrat. He wants to get married and at first looks at Kashkin. He more than once hinted to her that her connection with Shamanov in the village caused gossip and offended collective morality. But right there, as soon as Kashkin invited him to come to her house to drink, Mechetkin, who was grumpy, confessed his intentions. Kashkin knew that Valentine had fallen in love with Shamanov, and therefore, in fear for possible rivalry, advised Metshetkin to turn his attention to Valentina.

She assured Mechetkina that he, as a respected person in the village, could easily succeed if he turned to Valentina’s dad. Mechetkin does not put things off in a long box and wins Valentina. Her dad does not mind, however, she says that without Valentina nothing can be done. Meanwhile, between Shamanov, who was expecting an official car in the tea room, and Valentina, who was repairing the fence in the front garden, a conversation ensued. Shamanov said that in vain Valentina is engaged in this, because people will never stop to bypass him. Valentina persistently objected: once they still understand and will walk on the sidewalk. Suddenly Shamanov tells Valentine that she is a very beautiful girl, and that she looks like the one that the Shamans once loved. He asked her why she had not left for the city, like her many contemporaries. And suddenly he heard a confession that she was in love with him. He was confused and it was hard for him to believe this, he advises Valentina to throw it out of her head. But at the same time, unexpectedly for herself, she begins to feel something special about the girl: she suddenly becomes a ray of light for him from the clouds.

Shamanov was threatened with Pashka. He decides to advise him to cool his head, and they begin to quarrel. Shamanov clearly wanted a scandal, he handed his gun to Pashka and deliberately teased him, saying that for ten hours they had a date with Valentina and that she loved him, and not Pasha. In a rage, Pashka pressed the trigger of the pistol. But there was a misfire. Pashka drops his arms frightened. Shamanov wrote a note to Valentina, appointing her in fact a ten-hour appointment, and asked for a note from Yeremeyev. But her jealousy was intercepted by the jealous Kashkin. Valentine that evening witnessed another quarrel between Pasha and stepfather.

Pashka was chased by his mother, and out of pity Valentine agrees to go to the dance with him. It was felt that Valentina had dared to do something serious, because she too was walking straight through the front garden. After they left, Shamanov appeared. He meets Kashkin and admits to her enthusiastically that suddenly something happened to him today that he allegedly regained his world. This was due to Valentina, whom he asked Kashkin. She told him honestly that she had a note by Shamanov and that Valentina did not know anything about the appointment and left with Pashka. Shamanov rushed to her search. At night Pashka and Valentina return late. They were very close, but this did not change any of their relations: Pashka was so alien to her and stayed. Kashkin felt remorse and told Valentine that Shamanov was looking for her, and that he loved her. Then Shamanov himself appeared, who immediately admitted to Valentine that with him a miracle had happened to him. Valentina burst into tears. To her dad, she said that she was with Mechetkin at the dance, and not with Pashka or Shamanov.

The next day Shamanov went to the city to speak at the trial. The play ends with the visitor’s eyes turning to Valentina, who left the house. She approaches, as usual, proudly to the gate and begins to adjust it, and then corrects, together with Eremeev, the front garden.

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Summary “Last summer in Chulimsk” Vampilov